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Clove Dental Clinic

Journal of Dental Health & Research

Official Publication of the Clove Dental

Editorial Board


Table of Contents

1. Dental Entrepreneurship and Research

2. Autologous PRP with and without Calcium Sulphate β- Hemihydrate in Treatment

3. Effect of the Paired Related Homeobox Gene on Mandibular Size A Case-Control Study

4. An Unusual Case of Dentigerous Cyst- A Case Report

5. Fixed Appliances for Correction of Anterior Crossbite- A Case Series

6. Management of Some Periodontic-Endodontic Lesions- A Case Series

7. Cleft Palate Treatment Modification- A Case Report

8. Cornelia De Lange Syndrome- A Case Report

9. Unravelling the Treasure Hunt – Canal Location Techniques and Aides

10. Sodium Hypochlorite- A Literature Review