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Clove Dental Clinic

Dental Plans for Everyone

for You, Your Family, and for Everyone Else.

Health Plan

@ Rs 5100/- 399/-

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Advanced Dental
Health Plan

@ Rs 550/-

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Dental Plan

@ Rs 1499/- 999/-

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Dental Care Package

@ Rs 24300/- 9950/-

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Why Choose Our Dental Clinic Plan?

When you choose dental insurance plans for you and your family you are securing their smile and oral health

Which is the Perfect Dental Plan for You?

You can choose the perfect plan for you by first checking the dental clinic plan available as per your oral health needs and then
deciding what works best for you in the long term.

How are our Dental Plans different From Dental Health Insurance?

Inclusions Clove Dental Saving plan Dental insurance
Use as often as needed. No cap on treatments
Waiting Period
Immediate savings
Caps on Consultation
Expense rise on severity of disease
Limited reports/xrays
Limited reports/xrays Limited Period Renewal

FAQs about our Various Dental Plans?

Yes, that depends on the plan you are choosing. The platinum membership plan is ideal for looking to align their teeth while also looking to maintain good oral and overall health without dental insurance.

Clove Dental has put together various dental health plans including one for women and students keeping in mind their requirements. The discounts are an additional bonus like dental coverage.

The dental savings plan ensures good health without burning a hole in your pocket, with inclusions that cover basic treatments.

Yes, that depends on the plan you are choosing. The platinum plan includes discounts on both alignment treatments and implants, making it easy for you to choose your dental clinic plan.