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Clove Dental Clinic

Clove Dental suspends clinical operations, to only attend to emergency cases

New Delhi, March 19, 2020: In the wake of growing concerns over COVID-19 pandemic and advisories issued by the government, India’s leading dental health clinic chain, Clove Dental has announced the suspension of its clinical operations from 20th March, 2020. The company’s 320 out of 350 clinics will suspend their operations until 31st March 2020.During this period, all urgent, essential and emergency treatments shall be taken care of from assigned clinics following stringent measures and precautions for patient safety.

Clove Dental clinics are known in the industry for having the highest sterilization and hygiene for all patients, especially the young and elderly.The company has its own trademark “Four Step Sterilization” which is the best in the world and most effective deterrent against the spread of disease. Its sterilization and Asepsis measures including ‘Asepto’ procedure of the clinic after every patient ensures the best sterile surgery environment.

As per the company’s standard operating protocol, all the clinics carry out complete disinfection of the surfaces, doorknobs, doorhandles, trays, and chairs besides regular fumigation for best surgery hygiene. In addition, Clove’s Dentists and Dental Assistants who have undergone extensive training to look for the symptoms of the Coronavirus infection and also educate the patients on how to protect them and to maintain patient safety.

Each patient at the Clove Dental clinics will be required to complete a ‘Medical and TravelHistory’ form to identify high-risk individuals, who have travelled abroad, been in contact with recent travelers or attended any large gatherings. Such patients may be first redirected for a virus check before any dental treatment is undertaken. Temperatures of the patients entering the clinics are also being monitored.

“We have internal advisories in place to control the spread of disease and safeguard our dental staff and patients.Our advisories outline global best practices and precautions for safeguarding the doctors by stressing maintenance of highest hygiene in the clinics,” mentioned, Lt General (Retd.) Dr Vimal Arora, Chief Clinical Officer, Clove Dental.

During this period of suspension of services, Clove Dental employees across verticals will continue to work from home in the best interest of the community. The company will utilize this time to further strengthen all its quality processes besides research and development of new treatment modalities for the betterment of oral health across the country.

The dentists from Clove Dental shall be available on call through itsDental Health Line Centre at 1800 1200 3232, to address any questions, guidance and help determine if treatments are urgent.