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Clove Dental Clinic

Journal of Dental Health and Research: Volume 4 Issue 1

Official Publication of the Clove Dental

  • 1. Editorial board PDF ICON
  • 2. Reviewers PDF ICON
  • 3. Table of content PDF ICON
  • 4. Editorial
    Title: 2023 Predictions- A glimpse into things to come PDF ICON
    Author: Lt Gen Vimal Arora
    • 1. Original Article
      Title: Comparative Evaluation of the Effect of Two Plant Extract And Denture Cleanser on the Staining and Anti-Fungal Efficacy of Denture Base Resin: An in vitro study PDF ICON
      Author: Prakhar Khurana
    • 2. Case Report
      Title: Surgical Management of Impacted Canines: A Case Series PDF ICON
      Author: Akshay Kumar, Adrita Nag, Nivedita Jain, Shruti Bandopadhyay
    • 3. Case Report
      Title: Dentigerous Cyst — Finding in a Pregnant Patient: A Case Report PDF ICON
      Author: S K Roy, Asad Nehal, Vasudha Seth, Shibli Usmani
    • 4. Case Report
      Title: Rehabilitation of Cranial Defect using PMMA Cranial Implant PDF ICON
      Author: Rakesh Diman, Rahul Bahri, Pearl Bahri Dhiman
    • 5. Case Report
      Title: Mucormycosis: A case reportPDF ICON
      Author: Ankit Kalra, Praveen Sharma
    • 6. Case Report
      Title: Apexification in Non-vital Tooth with Open Apex: A report of two cases PDF ICON
      Author: Sharad Sharma
    • 7. Case Report
      Title: Ortho-surgical Management of Class III Malocclusion: A Case Report PDF ICON
      Author: Shilpa Kalra, Tripti Tikku, Rohit Khanna
    • 8. Review
      Title: Dynamic 3D Navigation Systems for Dental Implant Surgery: A Review PDF ICON
      Author: Shilpa S, Kiran John
    • 9. Review
      Title: A Comparative Evaluation of Patient Reported Pain Perception and Wound Healing After Frenectomy by 980nm Diode
      Laser and Conventional Scalpel: A Systematic Review PDF ICON
      Author: Jaahnavi Kanka, Pratibha Gopalkrishna, Santhosh Kumar
    • 10. Review
      Title: Periodontal Microsurgery: A Boon for Precision PDF ICON
      Author: Rituparnna Dhir