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  • Busting Myths about Infant Oral Health

    Right knowledge about infant oral health can provide basis upon which preventive measures and basic education can be imparted to prevent dental diseases. Parents are the primary care givers to...

  • Dental Needs of Mother when Breastfeeding

    Breast feeding is the most natural gift that a mother can give to her child.
    Along with taking care of baby teeth of their infants, it’s really important to take...

  • Human Milk versus Formula Milk – What is better or why for child dentition?

    According to Centre of disease control and Prevention (CDC), “Breastfeeding is an investment in health, not just a lifestyle decision.”
    It is really important to understand the right comparison between...

  • Baby Bottle Caries

    Feeding milk to little ones with bottles is a common practice that is being followed since ages. But have we ever thought, are we doing the right practice? How can...

  • toothbrush

    Brace your Teeth with healthy mouth!!

    People who wear braces have one thought for sure. How to brush their teeth with braces on? Is there any special way of brushing the teeth with braces? Are we...

  • Milk Teeth Care – Is it Important?

    Why do baby teeth matter? They fall out anyway, right?” We, as dental professionals hear this question on a daily basis
    The answer to this is simple –
    Primary teeth...

  • Gummy Smile – Don’t bother, We can Fix it!

    Have you ever wondered if your full smile could show only your beautiful teeth and not the gums??? Have you tried to hide your smile because of the gums being...

  • Clove Dental

    Unexplained Headache? Dental Health could be a reason!

    A 45 year old lady visited Clove Dental as she had severe chronic headache since months.

    Sounds weird….Right? Why would she visit a Dental Clinic if suffering from headache?

  • Dental Health Blog

    Reinvent your smile with speed braces

    Dental braces are devices used by the dentist to align and straighten teeth and to position them in relation to a patient's bite to improve dental health, function, and aesthetics....

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