Importance Of Preventive Dentistry For Your Child


Last Modified: June 2, 2022


Maintaining oral health care is as crucial as maintaining overall health. The first baby tooth erupts in the mouth at the age of 6 months. Until your child’s third birthday, a set of 20 milk teeth are present in your baby’s mouth, which is prone to many oral health problems. These problems can be prevented by awareness. Preventive dentistry is a specialty of dentistry that focuses proactively on dental care and works on maintaining good oral health. Several procedures carried out in preventive dentistry ensure that your child’s oral health remains uncompromised throughout. Professional preventive care is also critical, along with all the oral hygiene regimes that a parent incorporates into their children. Let us tell you some of the procedures involved in preventive dentistry and their importance in detail.

Importance of preventive dentistry 

Preventive dentistry is precautionary care. It focuses more on avoiding a problem than treating it. Children’s teeth are just like adult teeth. They are prone to all kinds of dental issues and problems faced by adult teeth. Baby teeth are temporary, but they play a significant role by reserving the space for the adult teeth so that they erupt correctly. Most dentists recommend that a child’s first dental visit should be done before your child turns one. Many parents who have visited a dental office at the correct time would appreciate the benefits of preventive oral care listed below. 

  • Dental problems are detected at an early stage: Many dental issues manifest their presence at an advanced stage. Before that, the patient and the parent remain unaware of the problem as it remains asymptomatic. This problem can be solved by preventive dentistry. When a parent visits a dental office, the dentist detects dental issues in children very early. This saves the child from future pain and suffering due to the delay. 
  • Prevents decay and cavities: One of the essential procedures involved in preventive oral care is cleaning and screening. With this, many undetected caries can be discovered and halted at an early stage. Many a time, regular brushing and flossing might not be enough for preventing these. A thin plaque film has been deposited on the surface of the teeth, which might also be a route for the bacteria to harm the teeth. With preventive oral care and regular cleaning, a child can be saved from dental issues before turning into something big. 
  • Strengthens your child’s teeth: According to the Indian dental association, using a medicated fluoride toothpaste daily strengthens your child’s teeth. Fluoride is a mineral used as a medicament agent in toothpaste. This also makes the teeth strong enough to withstand the different acid attacks. Many in-office fluoride treatments are also carried out to strengthen the milk teeth. These in-office dental treatments use a higher concentration of fluoride than available innate regular fluoride toothpaste, which helps in providing quick and long-lasting results.
  • Improves oral and overall health: A child’s teeth are prone to many chips or cracks that might remain undetected. Routine dental checkups, the dentist can detect these small cracks and chips and fix them with a simple dental filling before they become big. This also improves the overall smiles and health of your child. This also saves us from many future periodontal or gum problems. Untreated dental caries can lead to many gum and periodontal diseases. This can leave a major impact on our overall health. These all problems and risks can be eliminated by preventive oral care treatments.

The importance of preventive oral care is dependent on the types of dental issues. The mouth is a hub for all kinds of bacteria. Be it good ones or bad ones. The important part is maintaining the balance between the positive and negative ones. Professional assistance is also significant for this and the regular oral hygiene regime. At Clove Dental, we provide you with the best dental care for your children and help you in delivering a pain-free childhood to your little ones.

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