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What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?


Last Modified: June 30, 2022


Pediatric Dentistry Definition

A pediatric dentist, often known as a Pedodontist, is a dentist who works with children from birth until adulthood. Pediatric dentistry definition involves one of the nine different types of dental speciality. Dentists in this discipline offer a variety of services.

During the initial six months of life, infants grow their primary teeth. From around six or seven, baby teeth begin to drop out and are substituted by grownup or secondary teeth. While baby teeth do not last until maturity, it is critical to treat them as soon as possible. A lifetime of degradation and disease can result from a lack of regular dental care. Taking your child to a pediatric dentist by age assures that they will receive the necessary diagnosis and treatment to avoid future dental issues.

After completing dental school, pediatric dentists complete an additional two or three years of child-specific specialisation. They also receive developmental psychology training about pediatric dentistry training, allowing them to converse with children more effectively.

What is the Role of a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists offer complete dental health care tailored to the specific requirements of children and adolescents. They give the following services about pediatric dentistry:

  • Oral examinations
  • Fluoride therapies and dental cleanings
  • Early detection and therapy to straighten teeth or fix a bad bite, remove a cavity
  • Dental injuries such as cracked or dislocated teeth can be repaired.
  • Treatment of gum disease in children to avoid periodontal infection
  • Diabetes, asthma, hay fever, and ADHD can all cause oral health problems that can be detected early.

The Benefits of Visiting a Pediatric Dentist

The state of one’s mouth has a significant impact on one’s overall health. Bacteria abound in the mouth, which serves as the gateway to the rest of your body. Some bacteria are innocuous, while others can cause illness. Brushing and flossing are beneficial dental habits to develop because they keep germs under control and prevent illnesses in the mouth and other parts of the body.

Dental hygiene is extremely crucial for youngsters, who are constantly growing. Pediatric dentists emphasise the significance of instilling excellent habits in children that will last a lifetime. They also identify and treat disorders in newborns, children, and people of all ages, focusing on children with unique health needs.

What You Should Know When Your Kid Visits the Dentist

Going to the dentist is not the same as going to the doctor for kids. Unlike adults, they can’t usually sit still and comply throughout a dental exam or dental cleanings. 

Doctors advise visiting the dentist 6 months following your child’s first teeth show, or 12 months. The first appointment usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes, and the type of assessment and therapy a kid receives is determined by his or her age.

You can expect the following during a typical oral health examination with a pediatric dentist:

  • A quick conversation about your child’s dental hygiene, cleaning, and flossing habits
  • To determine their growth, an evaluation of the teeth, gums, mouthparts, bite, and nearby oral tissues.
  • Plaque, tartar, and stains are removed by buffing and polishing the teeth.
  • Pediatric dentists only use X-rays on infants’ teeth if they detect dental decay or have to check the base of the tooth.

How Can Clove Dental Help You During Your Pediatric Dentistry Appointment?

Clove Dental a dental clinic near you understands the pediatric dentistry definition and can come up with several treatment options that suit your child the best. We believe it is important that your child feels at ease, secure, and confident in their dentist. Our pediatric dentists concentrate on a variety of oral health issues. 

Clove Dental’s pediatric dentists manage various oral health issues in children. Filling cavities, extracting teeth, repairing fractured teeth, and healing sensitive teeth are other services we offer. Our dentists can provide anaesthetics for specific treatments and issue prescriptions for antibiotics and pain relievers. Clove Dental’s pediatric dentists can also determine whether orthodontic or surgical treatment is required or recommended.

Our pediatric dentists also do pulp therapy and cure oral injuries in addition to protective procedures. If your child’s baby teeth fall out too soon, a pedodontist will use gap maintainers to keep his or her teeth from becoming misaligned.

Another important aspect about pediatric dentistry is educating on good oral hygiene. We can not only teach him or her the benefits of proper dental hygiene, but we can also give parents advice about which toothpaste to apply, healthy food, how to quit thumb-sucking, and a variety of other topics. So, if your child is suffering from any tooth-related problems, contact us now.

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