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The practice of looking after your gums and teeth and maintaining oral hygiene to keep them healthy is known as preventive dentistry. The main aim is to avoid cavities, gum infections, enamel wear, tooth loss and more. With the advent of years of refined diet we have become more susceptible to oral diseases and hence maintaining them has become extremely important . With advancements in dentistry prevention of oral diseases has become easier. Maintainance of oral hygiene has to be practised from an early age.

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The daily routines of brushing and flossing twice are the simplest form of preventive dentistry.Visiting a dentist with a 6 months follow up is another way of preventing oral diseases. Children benefit mostly from the preventive dentistry protocol which as it allows their newly developed adult teeth to come strong and healthy. Preventive dentistry aims to prevent initiation and progress of dental diseases, limits their complications and also to provide rehabilitation.

Dental procedures involved in preventive dentistry:

Advantages of preventive dentistry:


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