Wear The Brightest Smile On Your Special Day!


Last Modified: July 20, 2017


Can anyone imagine, a bride who is hesitant to smile or the immortal marriage pic without the smile? Brides look best when they smile; their smiling faces are adorable adding sparkle to eyes. The brides and grooms spend big time and money on Gyming, choosing bridal jewelry, Lehanga and special make-up; but rarely do they consider to brighten their most beautiful asset, their smile. The smile which can add light to the occasion and win many hearts.

We all are Gods creation but often it happens that we grumble about how we have been created and curse our fate, but with the Dental Industry creating wonders we should grumble no more. Dentists are your tooth angel, they have powers to grant you alluring smile which you can flaunt.

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The practice of Dentistry has changed completely and such cosmetic treatments are easily doable these days which were not in the realm of easy availability earlier. These equipments are the magic stick and the treatments are the magic spells which give you the smile that can make people go weak in the knees. With the advent of tooth colored moldable materials like nano-composites, veneers, laminates as well as computer-designed smile makeover where the results can be seen beforehand, change can be created in a person’s smile which is unimaginable and highly achievable. A Dentist is no more a tooth puller or driller, he can deliver awesome results to brighten your smile or remake the whole smile painlessly. The latest Equipment and techniques have solution to all your problems, be it missing or uneven teeth, chipped and cranked teeth or the teeth that are irregular or crooked. You can close the unsightly spaces or improve that awful looking gummy smile within just an hour by an expert dentist. Also gone are the metallic braces or the clips, which used to make you look all metallic; the clear and transparent aligners are in vogue which can bring in similar results for correction of crooked teeth without anyone even knowing that you’re wearing anything. Metallic braces can sometimes cause discomfort or soreness as the teeth gradually shifts hence transparent aligners are used more now. Aren’t they angels?

Many people are not happy with the colour of their teeth and as a result they do not let themselves smile heartily, so scaling and polishing come to the rescue. They can also opt for teeth whitening and bleaching which will surely give them a whiter and brighter smile. It is your ‘big’ day and ‘yellow teeth, Nah! no longer. Imagine your someone special waiting on the aisle with the garland in hand and then notices your hesitant or yellow smile, Bang! That’s where you lose the moment you were to cherish for the rest of your life. Or just imagine, having photographs of ‘Your’ day with you not smiling or showing your crooked or yellow teeth, Ahh! that so not sound perfect. Or imagine the closeness converting to distance if you have a foul breath. There can be no bigger spoilsport for the occasion than to have a foul breath. And it’s easily manageable and one can have the fresh breath for the occasion and also have the Smile designing done to accessorize your smile just the way you accessorize your clothes, giving your teeth the precise finishing.

Gone are the days when you used to go to the dentist only when you have a toothache. Dentistry today is much more than just tooth decay, it is all about grooming your teeth. Youngsters are so concerned about their health and oral health constitutes a very important part of your health but Dentists today are more concerned about your oral health than you. They are ready to give their time to understand all your queries and to respond in the best possible way. The main thing is trust that one needs to put in his/her dentist and to relax as they are in the safe hands. These dental treatments not only remit you a blazing smile but is also helpful for your oral hygiene. On the day of your new journey let your smile do all the talking and help you to be the most attractive bride with the most beautiful smile.

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The Wedding Day is always special and builds a lot of memories. One cannot resist to smile their heart out and they have no control over their smile as it reflects their soul. Do not hesitate to smile on this auspicious day and don’t let your smile ruin your attire.
Go fix an appointment with a dentist at a dental clinic near you to groom yourself for the day that is completely ‘yours’ and the day which you will cherish for the rest of your life.

All you have to do is shine with your dazzling smile. As the saying goes,
“A smile happens in a flash but its memory can last for a lifetime”

Dr. Shalley Batta Rishi
Zonal Clinical Head, Clove Dental

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