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Wednesday , 18/07/2018
Clove Dental Clinic

Smile Makeover

Clove Dental

What is smile makeover ?

It is an art of improving the smile of an individual by certain cosmetic procedures such as restorations, gum therapies, de pigmentations, crowns, veneers, braces etc. It is an elective procedure which is carried out according to the needs of patient. A patient in need of smile makeover might not necessary have an underline pathology. It is a procedure which can be performed on any and every individual in need of it. A patient can himself/herself present their own views about certain aspects of smile which are displeasing to them. The dentist can then enhance the esthetics of the patient keeping in mind the patient’s main cause of worry. Hence smile makeover is a state of the art technique in modern day era which encompasses a variety of cosmetic procedures that can be performed chairside

Dental procedures involved in a smile makeover

  • Tooth colored restorations: Minor discolorations involving the anterior teeth or chipped off edges of teeth can be managed by simple tooth colored restorations.The entire procedure is carried out chair side. The final result can be visualized by the patient and can be modified according to the patient’s needs
  • Replacement of missing teeth: It is a vast area which can be covered by fixed as well as removable prosthetics. Majority of smile makeovers are done with fixed procedures. It may involve a Fixed Partial Denture or Resin Bridges or Dental Implants. In modern practice, it is needed out of a Dentist to preserve the remaining natural tooth structure as much as possible, hence Dental Implants are currently the most widely selected option for replacement of missing teeth, be it a single missing tooth or multiple teeth
  • Spaced out teeth: Spacing between teeth is easily managed by veneers and laminates. Chair side composite veneers are a quick and relatively easy option for certain patients. Indirect ceramic laminates are a long term solution for managing spacing between the teeth. Full contour crowns are also used to manage large space defects or in cases where the bite of the patient contraindicates the use of laminates or veneers
  • Discolored Teeth: Discolored teeth are frequently managed with teeth whitening procedures.Though temporary, it is still one of the widest done Dental procedure around the world for a more permanent solution for discoloration, Laminates have proved to be a successful treatment option
  • Inadequate fullness of peri-oral soft tissues: In certain cases, the need for Smile Makeover arises due to inadequacy of the peri-oral soft tissues. In such cases, the teeth are found to be in good shape and alignment, yet the patient is unhappy about the smile. This could be caused by inadequate fullness of lips or cheeks. Such cases are easily managed by using BOTOX and DERMAL FILLERS. For patients looking for immediate effects, Derma fillers are the ideal option

Advantages of Smile Makeover

In the modern day era there is a lot of emphasis on health, beauty and fitness. It is not only important to keep yourself healthy but also improve your physical appearance

Having a Smile Makeover gives you the following advantages :

  • Teeth which have been aligned well and have been replaced in missing areas have lesser risk of infections
  • A clear white smile renews a patient’s self confidence and well being
  • There is a reduced risk of having worn down, weak and loose teeth
  • Teeth that have been treated by this procedure are easier to clean, maintain and take care of on a daily basis
  • Gums are more healthy, hence prevent common problems such as Halitosis

Impact of Smile Makeover in persons social life

Smile makeover definitely has a positive impact on a person’s social life. It brings about a renewed sense of self confidence and well being which helps in better social interactions and adaptabilities

A nice smile has a direct impact on the individual’s successful social and professional encounters

If the patient undergoes certain facial rejuvenation procedures such as BOTOX and DERMAL FILLERS then this can take years off their age. It can restore a youthful, rounded appearance and promote increased well being

Many patients have often reported a pride in their new smile and feel more confident in social and related situations

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