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What is smile makeover ?

Smile makeover is an art or process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, braces, crowns, gum therapies, restorations, de pigmentations, implants, composite bonding etc. It’s an elective procedure suitable to any individual regardless of their age or sex. Using the procedure, a dentist can improve different aspects of your smile, including tooth colour, tooth alignment & spacing, missing tooth, tooth harmony & balance etc. Any individual can undergo smile makeover procedure, and he/she needn’t have an underline pathology. A patient can consult the dentist and get treatment for any aspects of the smile he/she finds bad. The dentist will then consider the requirements and worries of the patient and start the procedure to improve smile. Hence, you can benefit from smile makeover and customize any aspect of your smile in an easy manner.

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Dental procedures involved in a smile makeover

  • Tooth colored restorations: Simple tooth colored restorations are used to manage minor discolorations involving chipped off edges of teeth or the anterior teeth. The patient can visualize the final result with this procedure which is entirely carried out chair side. More so, modifications to final result are also possible to meet the patient’s needs.
  • Replacement of missing teeth: Dentists can rely on either fixed or removable prosthetics to place one or more of missing teeth and restore the beauty of smile. Fixed procedures – involving Dental Implants or Resin Bridges or Fixed Partial Denture — are generally used to do smile makeovers in majority of cases. Among them, dental implants are easily the most widely used option to replace the missing teeth because it helps preserve the remaining natural tooth structure to the maximum extent possible.
  • Spaced out teeth: Veneers and laminates are used by dentists to easily manage spacing between teeth and improve the beauty of smile. While chair side composite veneers are an easy and quick option for some patients, dentists may also use indirect ceramic laminates where a long-term solution is needed to manage spacing between the teeth. Full contour crowns are fit for managing large-space defects, or suitable for cases where the bite issue prevents the use of veneers or laminates.
  • Discolored Teeth: Teeth whitening procedures are most frequently used to manage discolored teeth. Though temporary, whitening continues to the widest done dental procedure across the world for fixing discolored teeth. Laminates however are considered a better treatment option for being more permanent solution for discoloration.
  • Inadequate fullness of peri-oral soft tissues: Smile makeover becomes a necessity in certain cases where a patient suffers from the inadequacy of the peri-oral soft tissues. These are often the cases where the teeth are in good shape and alignment, yet the patient is not pleased with their smile. Such situations may arise due to inadequate fullness of lips or cheeks. Dentists can use BOTOX and DERMAL FILLERS to manage these cases while Derma filler is considered the perfect option where patients look for immediate effects

Advantages of Smile Makeover

People today put a lot of emphasis on health, beauty and fitness. Most of us not only want to remain healthy but also improve our physical appearance. We want to stand out of the crowd to make our presence felt, and this can’t be possible without a perfect smile

A smile makeover can give you many advantages, including:

  • A white and bright smile can boost self-confidence and improve well-being
  • Your personality will improve and you won’t hesitate in smiling at others or taking to others
  • Gums become healthy and there will be no risk of common problems such as halitosis
  • A patient can reduce the risk of weak, loose or worn-down teeth
  • Your teeth become easier to clean and maintain, and your daily oral hygiene turns hassle-free
  • Lesser risks of infections will be there when teeth are aligned well and have been replaced in missing areas

Impact of Smile Makeover in persons social life

A smile makeover will definitely have a big positive effect on a person’s social life. It helps restore a sense of self confidence and well-being which, in turn, opens up the window to better social interactions and adaptabilities.

A radiating and charming smile can have a direct impact on a person’s daily or regular social and professional encounters

Some of smile makeover procedures are very effectively and they can make a person look their age or look even younger to their actual age

It can help restore a youthful, rounded appearance which can promote your well-being

You will experience a pride in your smile and feel more confident in day-to-day social situations


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