Impress your Date with that Winning Smile


Last Modified: February 14, 2018


“Your smile lights up my Life”


Comes straight out of a Yash Raj movie, doesn’t it? Cliché, some of you may say.

Well, as clichéd as this may sound, we all want to hear this compliment at least once from our significant other. We want to have a pearly white smile that can make our date gawk specially when it’s valentines. Lasting impressions matter, after all.

But for how many of us does this really come true?

A beautiful smile doesn’t come naturally to all. Some of us have to work hard for this (just like everything in life, duh!)

With valentines down the lane you might want to look your best for that special someone. Looking best does include that smile to die for.

Here’s how you can get a smile that can kill (or at least keep them hooked) –

1. Workout Those Muscles – Try facial yoga. Believe it or not, working out your face muscles can go a long way in getting you an attractive smile. Facial exercises can strengthen and firm these muscles, and increase blood flow, blow your cheeks and hold. What’s more? You appear younger and healthier.

2. Let Your Lips Do the Talking – Pretty lips aren’t just about ornate beauty – they can make a difference in your smile. If you want a smile that kills, it’s important to take care of your pout. Drink lots of water – at least 2 liters a day. This will help heal chapped lips. Swear by your lip balm, or coconut oil if you want to go the natural way. To keep your pout supple and plump, mix some brown sugar with coconut oil and rub your lips with the mixture each night before bed to stimulate blood flow and remove dry skin.

3. Take Care of Your Teeth – You can’t ignore oral health. Healthy teeth and gums can impact your smile in a big way. Stained, yellow teeth or swollen gums are a big no-no. Blade pigmented gums are a further dampener. While basics like brushing twice a day or flossing can’t be ignored, there’s more to oral healthcare. For instance, to avoid staining you must rinse & gargle regularly.

4. Fresh Breath – Check – Even ‘Shrek’ knew the importance of fresh breath, why can’t you! Bad breath can make you lose your dates, friendships, opportunities, and happiness. There are a lot of ways to keep your breath fresh such as drinking plenty of water, eating apples, and cleaning your tongue regularly. Gargling after meals also helps. Check your mouth odor frequently. Simplest way is to lick your back of the hand couple of times, let it dry and then smell it.

5. Make Dentist your Friend – Your dentist is your best friend, the one who can literally make you smile out loud. You can’t take care of all your oral problems yourself, let the experts do their job. So share with him your problems.

Wearing a perfect smile to a ‘Date’ is as important as wearing the perfect outfit. Every smile tells a tale. Let yours tell a happy one!

Dr. Shalley Batta Rishi
Zonal Clinical Head
Central West Delhi, Clove Dental

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