9 Common Dental Myths and Misconceptions

Dental Myths and Misconceptions You Should Stop Believing


Last Modified: July 14, 2022


Many people start following wrong products or practices by believing the common dental misconceptions. It leads to dental health problems. If the oral problems are not given proper attention, they can form severe complications in the upcoming time. People should be aware of not following everything they see or hear.

Common Dental Myths and Misconceptions People Should Stop Believing in

The biggest dental myths and misconceptions about oral health and care should get untangled. Mentioned below are the top 9 myths and misconceptions people get to know in day to day life. It will help in improving overall oral health.

1. Brushing hard cleans the teeth better

One of the commonly believed misconceptions about dental health is brushing harder cleans the teeth in a better way. But, it is completely false. The truth is contrary to the claim. The tooth’s enamel gets worn away when brushed harder and doesn’t clean it better. If you brush your teeth harshly for a long time, it can lead to having more cavities.

2. Sugar origins cavity

Sugar helps in the formation of cavities but it doesn’t originate from them. The main cause behind the cause of cavities is bacteria. The bacterias are responsible for producing acid in the mouth which eats up the enamel (the outer hard layer of the tooth). The bacteria love to have sugar in the mouth. It leads to tooth decay unless you brush and rinse it.

However, the sugar is not the only one who’s responsible for originating cavities. It only feeds the bacteria that do the job. It is one of the dental myths which holds a bit of truth.

3. Charcoal toothpaste is the best choice

In the dental industry, charcoal containing toothpaste is a new trend set. It helps in making the teeth more white. It is partially true because charcoal is a mild abrasive. It helps in taking off the upper surface stains on the teeth. It acts similarly to baking soda. However, charcoal being an absorbent chemical can cause a few problems as well. While brushing the teeth, it can absorb several essential nutrients from the mouth.

4. There is nothing to worry about bleeding gums

One of the most common dental misconceptions is that the bleeding gums are normal. It is completely wrong. The basic reason behind bleeding gums might be gingivitis. It should always be taken seriously because it is a milder form of gum disease. It can be a sign of tooth loss or a symptom of an infection. Many people suffer from gingivitis without knowing about it and start believing in this misconception.

5. Sensitivity is caused by Enamel loss

The protection of enamel is a must, whereas tooth sensitivity should also not be avoided. The sensitivity in the tooth doesn’t always mean it will cause pain. It refers to people who might be sensible to a certain temperature change and pressure. The enamel has to do nothing with the sensitivity. Thus, such common dental myths should be avoided.

6. Every toothpaste works the same

Among all, this common dental misconception is almost correct. If all the toothpaste present in the market are compared, it would be found that there are only a few differences between all of them. It is because all of them are made with the same ingredients. But the special toothpaste is made with different recipes. Some of them are specially made for sensitivity, making the enamel stronger and preventing gingivitis, etc. It is preferred to buy toothpaste which goes perfectly with your personal needs.

7. Bleaches cause harm to the teeth

Many people believe that whitening and bleaching the teeth damage them. It is a common dental myth because it has no evidence. Some people believe it because bleaching causes sensitivity sometimes. It was originally started when people knew how hair and cleaning bleach is harmful to the skin.

8. No pain – no need for a dentist

It is one of the most common dental misconceptions and is completely wrong. Many people don’t visit the dentist until they don’t feel pain. People should visit the dentist twice a year for regular checkups. During such times, the dentist can help with the developing issues. However, several people only seek a dentist when they start feeling pain or discomfort in the mouth. Thus, these myths and misconceptions should not be believed and people should take proper care of oral health.

9. Oral problems are only present in the mouth

Many people think that the dental issues will get resolved themselves. However, this is not the truth. The mouth is connected to the whole body. Therefore, if there is a serious problem in the mouth, the body will also get affected. Overall health is directly connected with oral health. Thus, it is essential to take proper care of dental problems.

The Bottom Line

People should not fall for the common dental myths and misconceptions. You can take proper care of your dental health consistently by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, scraping the tongue, using mouthwash, visiting the dentist for regular checkups and more. To know more about oral health visit the website or consult a dentist at Clove Dental.

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