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What are Dental Braces?

Dental Braces at Clove DentalDental Braces are a type of orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. They consist of wires, brackets, and bands. Braces (Teeth Clip) correct a wide range of Dental issues. It includes teeth straightening, jaw positioning, aesthetics, and facial symmetry etc. Teeth Braces improve chewing efficiency, speech clarity, and smile symmetry by gradually shifting teeth into the right position with gentle pressure applied over time.

The Person who specializes in braces is called an “Orthodontist”. Your orthodontist examines and suggests the best treatment plan as per your oral condition.

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Dental Braces Correct Several Teeth Issues

What are Dental Braces / Teeth Braces used for?

Dental braces (Teeth Clip) corrects several orthodontic issues, including:

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Gapped Teeth
  • Rotated Teeth
  • Facial Appearance and Aesthetics
  • Open Bite
  • Crossbite
  • Deep Bite
  • Maxillary/Mandibular Protrusion
  • Midline Diastema etc.

Types of Braces

Types of Braces

At Clove Dental Clinics, the following Type of Braces are available:

Metal Braces

  • These are the traditional and most common types of tooth braces, recommended by Dentists. The new-age metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than the older ones. It’s made up of steel bands, brackets, and wires. With constant mild pressure, it slowly shifts your teeth to their correct place.
  • An orthodontist fixes a bracket on every tooth. A thin, flexible archwire is placed over the brackets. Tiny elastic bands called ligatures keep the wire firmly in place. These Metal braces are visible when you smile.

For Complete details on Different Brands & Prices of Metal Braces Click here:

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Self Ligating Braces

  • These metal Brackets do not require elastic to tie the wire. Metal self-ligating braces are more compact and comfortable than standard metal braces. They help achieve arch expansion and minimize the need for extraction.

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Ceramic Braces

  • Ceramic braces are the ones with clear brackets. They use tooth color and blend more naturally with your teeth. The shape and size are the same as metal braces. These are less visible on the teeth and, as a result, are preferred by teenagers and adults who might have aesthetic concerns.
  • Because they are less prominent, they require more care and protection than metal braces, which are larger and more brittle.
  • They are generally more expensive than traditional Metal Braces

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Lingual Braces

  • These custom-made braces are placed behind the teeth. They do not appear when seen from the front. Lingual braces get fixed and fit according to the shape of the patient’s teeth. They work by putting constant pressure on the teeth. These teeth braces (teeth clips) are comfortable.

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Difference between Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces

Metal Braces Ceramic Braces
Made up of metal Made up of ceramic material
Has metal brackets, making it less aesthetically pleasing Is tooth-colored so more aesthetically pleasing
Highly Durable Slightly less durable than metal braces
Lower Cost Higher Cost
Less Staining More prone to staining
Little discomfort because of metal brackets Less Painful than Metal Braces

Dental Braces Cost at Clove Dental

  1. The cost of Dental Braces depends on the type and the patient’s dental condition. You should always consider a trusted Dental Care Partner with the best Dental Experts. At Clove Dental Clinics, you get the best treatment at an affordable cost.
  2. The braces cost in India at all Clove Dental clinics starts from Rs. 31,400 only.
  3. If you are looking for Aligners cost in India, Clove Dental aligners start at Rs. 47,999 only. Clove Dental has expert orthodontists offering excellent dental treatments. Clove Dental is a Trusted brand that ensures you get the best fit for your teeth at an affordable cost.
  4. At Clove Dental, we have 6 brands and 10+ braces products to choose from. The details of the same are as follows:
Type Brand Starting Price
Metallic Braces Ortho Organizer Rs. 31,400
Metallic Braces ORMCO Rs. 38,400
Metallic Braces 3M Gemini (USA) Rs. 49,900
Metallic Braces Metal Damon Rs. 68,300
Metallic Braces 3M Smart Clip (USA) Rs. 73,300
Ceramic Braces Ortho Organizer Rs. 56,300
Ceramic Braces 3M Gemini (USA) Rs. 68,300
Ceramic Braces Selfy Self Ligating Rs. 73,300
Ceramic Braces DAMON Ortho Kit Rs. 98,300
Ceramic Braces Clarity Ultra Ortho Kit Rs. 1,03,300

Benefits of Dental Braces

  • No more crooked teeth
  • Better jaw positioning
  • Better smile, facial aesthetics, and appeal
  • A confident smile
  • Brushing, flossing, and cleaning spaces between teeth becomes easier.
  • Also, there is less lodgement of food, which, in turn, will prevent bad breath.
  • Getting braces prevents the decay of teeth and other gum diseases.
  • Braces not only straighten teeth but also fix various malocclusions, such as open Bite, deep Bite, overjet, etc.
  • Braces can help in improving speech
  • Braces Prevent Bone Erosion

Risks of Not Getting Dental Braces

Not getting a teeth clip can cause various problems, including:

  • Crowded/ crooked teeth can lead to poor oral hygiene and cause Dental Cavities.
  • Improper Bite affects speech, chewing, and digestion.
  • Crooked teeth can cause various Periodontal problems, such as Halitosis (Bad Breath), Bleeding Gums, and Tooth Mobility, which can lead to Premature tooth loss.
  • Forwardly placed / Proclined Teeth lead to a more convex profile and posteriorly displaced chin.
  • If teeth are irregular, calculus deposits can form, leading to yellow teeth and other periodontal problems.
  • The spacing between teeth can cause speech problems.
  • Crooked teeth can cause self-esteem and confidence issues due to their appearance.
  • A delay in getting teeth braces on time means extra waiting for perfect tooth alignment.

What is the correct age to get Dental Braces?

Dentists recommend using braces for teeth from the ages of 12 to 18. At this age, the permanent teeth have emerged, making teeth alignment easier.

Do’s and Don’ts with Dental Braces

  1. Visit your dentist regularly.
  2. Use a mouthguard while playing sports.
  3. Consume low-sugar content drinks.
  4. Brush and floss after every meal
  1. Do not eat your nails
  2. Do not eat hard foods like walnut and apple
  3. Don’t chew ice
  4. Don’t eat stick food like toffees

Wearing a retainer is extremely important for avoiding treatment relapse. Without a retainer, the teeth may move back into their original positions.

The right time to visit your dentist for braces

Between the ages of 7 and 10 is an ideal period to take your child to the dentist for orthodontic treatment. Here are the following reasons:

  • Orthodontic treatment at an early age reduces the chance of future dental problems.
  • It is the duration between milk teeth and permanent teeth.
  • If you are thinking about getting braces, you should consult with an orthodontist who will examine your requirements and provide suitable suggestions. You can search “Clove Dental near me” and visit the best orthodontists.

Clove Dental provides orthodontic procedures, which include braces or teeth clip, to assist patients obtain straighter, healthier smiles. With numerous locations across various cities, finding a nearby Clove Dental clinic is convenient.

To find the nearest Clove Dental clinic, you can:

  1. Visit the Clove Dental website at https://clovedental.in
  2. Click on “Book an appointment” or get “Instant Callback
  3. Explore the list of nearby clinics displayed in the List
  4. Select the nearest clinic as per your convenience and Book your appointment

Else, you can get an Instant callback from Clove Dental’s customer service helpline. For this Click on the “Instant Callback” button and You will get help in locating the nearest clinic on call.

Braces FAQs

1. What are Teeth / Dental braces for teeth?

Dental Braces address various dental concerns, from crooked and crowded teeth to gaps and rotations. With options ranging from standard metal braces to popular ceramic braces to almost invisible options, you may find the ideal solution for your dental requirements. Braces improve your smile, oral health, and efficiency. Choose braces and invest in a confident, radiant smile.

2. What are the types of braces for teeth?

The types of dental / teeth braces are Metal, Ceramic, Self-ligating, Linear, and invisible braces / Clear aligners.

3. How much would braces cost?

The cost of Dental Braces varies and is based on the dental or teeth braces you choose. Clove Dental Clinic braces are of all types and are available across various known brands. Clove Dental offers a wide range of teeth braces at best prices starting from Rs. 31,400. Contact a Clove Dental Clinic to learn more about the latest braces offers and get all your queries answered.

4. How Long Does It Take To Put Dental Braces On?

After bonding the dental braces, it takes about 1-2 hours to put on the dental braces for the teeth to finish.

5. Are Teeth Extracted For Orthodontic Treatment?

Usually, orthodontists do not recommend tooth extractions to fix teeth braces. But if there is a severe crowding issue, one or two teeth must be removed.

6. What Color Braces Should One Get?

Various braces / teeth clip are available, depending on the patient getting them. One can get Metal braces, Ceramic braces, and Aligners. For more information on what braces will suit your needs, visit a Dental specialist at Clove Dental Clinic near you.

7. Are Tooth Braces Painful?

You may experience some kind of discomfort or soreness after getting braces initially. This will go away soon. Although, if the pain persists, it is important to visit your orthodontist.

8. How Long does the braces treatment take?

Orthodontic treatment usually lasts about 12-36 months, although it may vary from person to person.

9. What to avoid eating with braces?

Any hard and sticky food must be avoided with braces on.

10. What is the difference between Aligners and Traditional Braces?

The most significant difference between aligners and braces is visibility. Aligners are invisible, while braces are visible. Aligners are a discreet option for teeth straightening, made of plastic trays in the shape of the teeth. Braces are made of wires and brackets.

11. Is there any treatment required before getting braces?

It is important to treat any gum disease, moving teeth, or cavities before starting your braces treatment. Also, maintain a good oral hygiene routine and regularly clean before getting braces / teeth clip.

12. How Long Will My Braces Treatment Take?

Braces treatment can vary from person to person and usually takes about 12-36 months.

13. What should I do at Home to Avoid Bad Consequences After Getting Braces?

It is important to follow a good oral hygiene routine, which will include brushing, flowing, and using mouthwash. Apart from that, avoid eating any hard or sticky foods that may cause damage to your braces.

14. How Often Will I Need to Visit the Dental Clinic for Braces / Aligners?

After getting braces, you’ll need to visit the clinic frequently in about 3-4 weeks.

15. How often will my adjustments be?

The adjustment of braces will take place after every 6-8 weeks.

16. Can I play sports with braces?

Yes, you can play sports with braces, but wearing a mouthguard is essential to avoid any damage.

17. Can I start treatment if I have gum disease?

Addressing a gum disease is necessary before starting any dental treatment to avoid any complications during the treatment.

18. Will my speech be affected by my new braces?

You may experience slight changes in speech initially, but they will eventually subside in some time.

19. What Foods Should I Avoid before and after Braces/aligners?

Avoid eating hard or sticky foods like apples, walnuts, chewing gum, and ice. Also, reduce your consumption of sugar and acidic foods to avoid tooth decay.

20. What oral hygiene items should I buy for my braces?

You can buy a soft-bristled toothbrush, floss, and fluoride-containing toothpaste. Special interdental brushes can be used to clean between the braces.

21. Invisalign vs. Braces: Which option is right for you?

Choosing between aligners and conventional braces is a personal preference. Your orthodontist can advise you on the best course of action based on your financial situation and the complexity of your case.

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