Traditional Braces vs Clear Aligners – All You Need To Know


Last Modified: June 7, 2022


According to a survey done by Times of India in 2009, “What is the most attractive feature in an individual”. The answer was a healthy and beautiful smile. A shining and beautiful smile outranks eyes, hair, and body when it’s a race for the most attractive feature. It attracts others and can act as a booster for an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. But many of us are unhappy with our smiles. This may be due to the problems like crooked teeth, cracked teeth, or malalignment, which may pose many different problems to one’s oral health. Here’s when the orthodontic treatment comes into the picture. 

Orthodontic treatment is not only helping in the alignment of the smile but also saves us from many other associated dental issues. It significantly reduces the risk of cavities and periodontal diseases that may arise from crooked or misaligned teeth. An oral surgeon is responsible for tooth extraction and tooth extraction aftercare. The person specializing in smile correction and teeth alignment is an orthodontist. With the advancement of time, more and more people are becoming conscious of their smiles and aesthetics. 

Nowadays, there are several options available in the market for smile correction. But there are two primary treatment modalities used globally. They are traditional braces made up of metal, ceramic, or porcelain, and the other is clear aligners. Every treatment works differently for different individuals. So how to choose which is the best for you? This article will discuss two common orthodontic treatments: braces vs clear aligners.

Traditional braces vs Clear aligners

Conventional braces: Since ancient times, metal braces have been the most common orthodontic treatment option. They are made up of three components; a braces part, the archwire, and an elastic rubber that holds the wires with the braces. 

Braces are available in different colors, made up of various materials. First, they are bonded onto the tooth surface, and then the archwire is used to join all the braces. Traditional braces can be used to correct any smile defect. They decrease the spacing between the teeth, align the crowded teeth, and give your smile and jaw a better shape by applying constant force onto the tooth. 

Aligners: They are a clear and transparent set of removable dental products customized for each individual. They are the most preferred solution for profile-conscious patients and people who do not want others to know about their ongoing dental treatment. These are  set of trays customized according to an individual’s oral anatomy and have to be worn 22 hours a day. This is because our teeth are always in a constant state of movement. Aligners direct this force in the right direction by applying continuous pressure. 

Things to consider before making the final choice

These are some of the factors you should consider before drawing any conclusion. These will help you better understand each treatment option and let you choose the best for your smile. 

  • Cosmetics: Many people consider the foremost look and aesthetics nowadays. In this category, the aligners successfully outcast the conventional braces. Many image-conscious patients and people who do not want to display their ongoing orthodontic treatment opt for aligners. 
  • Convenience and comfort: Time and ease play a vital role in long orthodontic treatments. Smile corrections require visits but for a long duration. In conventional orthodontic treatments, the number of visits to the dentist is greater. The patients might have some soreness or cuts in the initial phases of the treatment in the case of conventional braces. This can be a step-backing option for patients who prioritize comfort over anything. The issues get resolved with the use of braces. They usually require fewer visits and do not have any metal or wire component that might hurt the patients. 
  • Compliance: Orthodontic treatment comes in a lot of time and effort. Maintenance of good oral hygiene is a must in any treatment modality. Conventional braces are best for patients between 8 years to 14 years. Maintaining oral hygiene is easy in aligners, and along with all these, you do not have to skip any of your favorite meals, even while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Thus, adults prefer them. 

Every treatment is done to modify and correct your smiles. Choosing the right orthodontist at a dental clinic near you is very important, irrespective of the treatment modality you opt for. An experienced orthodontist will check the mouth and recommend the best suitable for you. Best and long-lasting results are all we are working on. At Clove, we provide you with the best facilities and dentists with ample experience in your smile corrections journeys.

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