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Certified Periodontist- Best Dental Implants Solution


Last Modified: April 15, 2022


A missing tooth is one of the most prevalent dental problems in India. Despite improved dental care, regular oral hygiene regime, and many other preventive measures, many people face the problem of a missing tooth.

A grossly decayed tooth, long-term periodontal problems, gum diseases, or any traumatic injury can lead to tooth loss. It might not seem like a huge issue, but it can harm the patient in many ways. For example, when a tooth is missing for a long time and has not been replaced, it can affect adjacent teeth position and change the patient’s jaw bone anatomy.

Nowadays, there are several options available for the replacement of missing teeth. An ideal solution for replacing missing teeth are dental implants. Over the years, dental implants have evolved and shown tremendous results in many patients. The certified periodontist and other implant specialists are working diligently in this field to transform the patients’ smiles. 

Let’s know more about dental implants and why a certified periodontist should be your only partner for the implant procedure.

What are Dental Implants?

A tooth comprises a crown and a root portion. The upper visible part is known as the tooth crown, and the pat embedded in the bone is the root of the tooth.

A dental implant replaces the tooth root and a crown portion. Unlike the other tooth-replacement option, which comprises only the crown portion, the dental implant replaces the whole tooth and the root portion. It is a permanent prosthesis that functions precisely like a natural tooth.

The best thing about dental implants is that they do not need an alteration in the adjacent natural and healthy tooth. A metal screw is placed in the bone, followed by a crown portion attached to this metal screw restoring the standard functionality and aesthetics of the missing tooth. The other tooth replacement options, like removable dentures, might have some issues, but this is not the case with dental implants. It does result in any speech alteration and renders the patients with a beautiful smile. 

How is dental implant surgery performed? 

Placement of a dental implant is an invasive procedure. The person fit for this job is a specialized implantologist or a certified periodontist.

Many other professionals also contribute to the placement of dental implants, like specialists in tooth extraction( oral and maxillofacial surgeon) and a person who designs and fits artificial teeth (prosthodontist).

When you visit a dental office, the dentist lets you through different investigations and medical reviews. This ensures that the patient is fit for the dental implants and is ready for surgery.

Before initiating the procedure, a local anaesthesia solution is administered to the patient, ensuring no pain during the surgery. Other sedation methods are used for patients who suffer from extreme dental fear or anxiety. Further, when the anaesthetic solutions start acting, an incision is given on the gums, and space is made for the metal implant body in the jaw bone. Then, the metal post is placed in the bone and left untouched for three to four months.

Over a few weeks, the bone grows around the implant, resulting in better strength and integration of the dental implant with the bone. After a few months, an abutment is placed over the metal post. This abutment acts as an anchorage between the tooth root and crown. The last and final step is the placement of the crown. 

Role Of A Certified Periodontist

One of the major reasons for tooth loss is periodontitis (infection of the surrounding tissues of the tooth). Before placing an implant, it is necessary to ensure the health of the bone and gums around it. A periodontist is a person who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gums and bone-related issues. They also specialized in the placement of dental implants and gum treatment procedures. Before choosing the right treatment plan for you, it is always necessary to consult an expert periodontist.

Dental implants require the same care as real teeth and extra precautions. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash are essential. Regular dental visits and routine dental checkups also play a significant role.

At Clove, we provide an experienced and certified periodontist. We offer a high level of care and compassion in a patient-friendly environment.

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