Oral Health : Do we really care ?


Last Modified: August 10, 2018


Whenever we see someone talking about teeth or oral health, the discussion and awareness is just limited to how good is the smile or how white the teeth looks. It becomes very important to understand that a good oral health is not about just having a good smile but also the total oral care which is also linked to general health . Many studies show that nearly 90% of the people suffer from some or the other kind of oral disease in India. On the other hand, nearly 40-50% of the school going kids in India suffer from dental disease. Now the critical questions that arise in our minds are:-
Can we control a dental disease?
How can we prevent them and improve our oral health?
What can we do to cure an existing dental disorder ?

5 Essential tips for total oral health :

1. Control your food habits .

Consume more fibrous and protein rich food
Avoid more sugary and sticky food.

2. Prevent tooth decay and bad breadth.
Use a soft bristle brush with appropriate handle .
Brush twice daily for about 2-3 min in up ,down & circular motion.
Avoid using abrasive tooth paste.
Regularly clean your tongue and maintain good condition of your gut.
Rinse your mouth regularly after every meal
Develop a habit of flossing your teeth.

3. Say NO to bad oral habits.
Avoid Smoking , Tobacco or Pan chewing.
Avoid habits like biting nails, holding objects like pins between your teeth.

4. Care for your kids oral health
Consume highly nutritious diet rich in calcium and minerals during pregnancy.
Avoid smoking or alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
Regular cleaning of gum pads in infants.
Get your kids learn and motivate about toothbrushing and good food habits.
Take your child to your dentist for regular check up

5. Avoid any delays in meeting your dentist.
visit your dentist once in 6 months for a comprehensive check up
Consult your dentist for any dental related queries or myths.
Make youself aware about prevention of oral diseases.

Each one of us face some or the other dental related problems in our lifetime. Most of us tend to give least importance for our oral health. It is very important to understand the consequences of bad oral health which can not only affect our overall general health but also pyschosocial wellbeing. A healthy state of oral health and a good smile gives confidence and boost self esteem.
Its never too late meeting your dentist !

Dr. Sharad Acharya
Sr Manager, Clinic Operations
Clove Dental

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