Why your teeth are vital

Why your teeth are vital?


Last Modified: May 11, 2017


Many of you must have seen old people chewing food without teeth, giving an impression that food can be chewed in that manner as well, but how many of you have actually understood how very painful it is to chew with your gums and underlying bone?

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Teeth are not only there in the mouth to chew but have multiple roles. They give the  face shape, fullness and structural support. In cases of ‘Bite Collapse’, what occurs with people without teeth as seen in old age, cheeks lose support and start to sag inwards giving an ‘Old look’ even to a younger person. Teeth also help in digestion. It is important to chew properly so that the digestion remains proper, but without teeth that becomes difficult. Teeth also help in keeping the jaw bones intact and in shape. Once teeth start to fall, the bone starts to resorb, in some cases it becomes dangerously thin and prone to fracture. Presence of teeth keep the bone under continuous functional stress due to masticatory forces within physiological limits.

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Teeth also help in proper articulation, the tongue touches the front teeth and the palate to pronounce ‘th’ sound which includes words like that, thin, then, three, both, worth, etc. Other sounds produced are C, F, L, S, V. The front teeth also help in aesthetics, which these days has become a prime concern.

Of course, teeth help you to chew on your favorite food like different types of nuts and carrots and who doesn’t relish that chocolate with fruits and nuts in it? But imagine eating all this  without a set of good healthy  teeth.. Wouldn’t it be difficult? For sure, yes!  Good Teeth add to the aesthetic beauty of an individual by not only imparting good oral health but give one confidence to smile brightly and look visually appealing and healthy. So next time you have a missing tooth make sure to visit your dentist for a replacement.

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Dr. Manish Kaushik
Endodontist, Clove Dental

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