Oral Yoga Asanas

Explained | Oral Yoga Asanas, Its Role, Instructions, and Reason for Healthy Teeth


Last Modified: August 17, 2022



There are numerous times when we get in contact with some unprotected ways that increase the chances of oral issues. Of course, brushing and flossing, dental insurance, and following good oral hygiene are crucial. But getting a habit of practising yoga can have an immense impact on your oral health through yoga asana (oral). 

What is Oral Yoga Asana?

Oral yoga asanas’ are the ancient renowned positions practised worldwide to improve oral health. Various yoga positions are there that people do during their yogic sessions, helping them produce saliva and reducing inflammation and other gum diseases

The postures made during yoga asana for healthy teeth are mostly related to saliva production. It is one of the crucial watery liquid produced by glands to help keep your mouth free of bacteria and prevents xerostomia.

The Role of Yoga in Saliva Production

Poor postures expose you to spine and neck but also teeth issues. When you hunch or slouch, the moment your jaws come forward. Due to this, your teeth’ alignment disturbs you, and the skull moves back to compress the spine. The moment increases the stress surrounding muscles, joints, and bones and is left untreated. It creates pain and inflammation in joints and muscles when your mouth opens and closes. 

That is one of the scenarios. But saliva plays a crucial role in letting you not get exposed to gum disease. Let’s look at the example of a yoga asana for healthy teeth

Yoga and Saliva

Body postures are crucial, but saliva plays a vital role in keeping the glands active and releasing them to perform omnifarious tasks. Saliva is the key ingredient which helps secret the enzyme responsible for breaking food and makes it easier to swallow. Let’s look at some of the reasons that can expose you to salivary secretion. 

Reasons for Saliva Secretion 

  • Increase in salivary secretion: The increase in the release of saliva gives space to enzymes to release and kill bacteria. An increase in enzyme count increases the chances of getting less exposed to gum issues, even sensitivity.  
  • Regular breathing: Following a proper breathing pattern prevents your mouth and throat from drying and helps you be safe from plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Meditation and yoga are non-pharmacological methods of treatment. Yogic breathing works on various modus operandi and releases salivary proteins in the mouth. The parasympathetic arm is responsible for the secretion of saliva. There are several recognised ways by which one can increase salvation with several pharmacological methods. 

Before we walk forward to the on-the-counter supplements or drugs, it is adequate to try a few poses of yoga for teeth.

Yoga Asanas for Healthy Teeth

Here is the list of best yoga asanas which can improve your oral health. These poses you must add to your daily practising routine for a 20 minute yogic session.

Cat-Cow Pose

It is among the easy poses you can position to improve your oral health. It is known to be the best yoga asana for healthy teeth

During the pose, you flex your spine from a round to an arch position. You have to begin by inhaling while you look up at the sky and exhale while you look down. 


  1. Start on your hands and knees. Place the wrist directly under your shoulder and keep your arms straight forming an angle of 90 degrees to the ground. 
  2. To begin, form a cow pose. Inhale and drop your belly towards the mat. Lift your chin and trunk and look at the sky. 
  3. Broaden your shoulder blades and keep them away from the ears.
  4. Now, move forward to the cat pose and exhale. Draw your belly towards your spine and arc your spine towards the sky.
  5. Release your head and bend it towards the floor. Keep your chin and trunk relaxed.
  6. And inhale back to have the cow pose. And repeat the process 5-20 times. 

Eye of the Needle Pose

This yoga for teeth is really effective but has a secret advantage in keeping your neck healthy. 


  1. Lie on your back and touch the sole of your feet to the floor
  2.  Pull your knees to your chest.
  3. Cross the left ankle over the body and rest on the right thigh. 
  4. Relax the left knee on the torso.
  5. Lift your right foot and stretch your left hand through the leg to meet at the right thigh.
  6. Now clasp the hands in front of your right shin. 
  7. Take both hands and pull the right knee towards your chest and exhale. 
  8. Keep both feet flexed and lower back to touch the mat.
  9. Deep breath and relax the left knee to open the hip and repeat with the other side.


Practising yoga asana for healthy teeth gives you an opportunity to keep your gums healthy. The release of lesser saliva is also a sign that the glands are not functioning well. You can use the above two mentioned yoga poses to increase salvation and your oral health. Yoga is one of the most renowned ways to treat your gum issues without any involvement of additional supplements and treatment. So, in this blog, you will get to know about a few yoga asanas for healthy teeth.

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