Crowns and Bridges


Last Modified: August 20, 2018


Dental Crown and Bridges:

They are the most common means of restorations and come in the category of fixed dental prosthesis i.e once placed upon teeth they can only be removed by a Prosthodontist or general dentist.

What are crowns?

Crowns are also called  ” caps” in layman terms, they act to cover or encircle entire for protection of either root canal treated teeth or vital teeth or dental implants. In root canal treatment or in large dental restoration large amount of tooth is already drilled away. Placing dental crowns on the remaining tooth structure will provide strength and prevent tooth fracture. It also helps the tooth to return to normal aesthetics and function.

Dental Bridge

In cases where there are missing teeth, it becomes necessary to restore the missing teeth. If we leave an empty space between teeth, the adjacent teeth will start drifting towards the empty space. This can cause problems like improper occlusion (in layman’s terms it is called bite) which will eventually lead to worn out teeth, gum problems in severe cases of Temporomandibular Joint disorder. Bridge act as a restoration to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. The replacing teeth on the bridge will be matched perfectly to missing teeth in function and aesthetics and prevent problems arising from missing teeth as discussed earlier.

Dr. Anshuraj Kopal
Prosthodontist, Clove Dental

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