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Dental Crowns: Why They Play An Important Role for Your Teeth


Last Modified: November 11, 2021


Dental Crowns: Understanding their Importance in Maintaining Dental Health

The dental crown looks like the top of the tooth and protects the structure above the gum line. Few restorations are as adaptable as dental crowns. Dentists generally use them for strengthening, protecting and enhancing the look of teeth. Look no further for a practical option that provides optimum protection since most problems can be solved with dental crowns.

  • Dental crowns offer protection to the exposed tooth
    The crown acts as a “cover” for the exposed area of the tooth. Even though metal can be used, many patients choose ceramic or porcelain crowns (for interior tooth restorations) or porcelain attached to metal crowns (for back teeth). Since no direct force is applied to the tooth, dental crown help to maintain the tooth after it has been injured.

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  • Dental crowns offer more strength to the treated tooth
    A root canal operation involves cleaning out all of the pulp and nerves in the tooth, which are responsible for keeping the tooth alive. Once the nerves and pulp have been removed, the tissue in the tooth will dry up and become brittle. The dentist fills the gap and covers it with a crown to offer more strength to the treated tooth. This saves the tooth from further damage and cracks.
  • Dental crowns offer aesthetic looks
    Dental crowns add a final touch to the dental treatment like getting implants. It gives the impacted tooth both good looks and longevity. A dental crown can also be used to conceal a permanently discoloured or deformed tooth. Dental crowns are meant to blend in with your neighbouring teeth, so if you have a tooth that seems to be out of position, the line is restored with a dental crown.
  • Dental crowns offer the required dental support
    When you lose a tooth, dental crowns provide the support your replacements require. Following the insertion of the post into your jaw and enabling your bone to fuse it in place, a crown will be placed on the abutment to restore shape and function to your mouth. A crown holds and supports your dental bridge, allowing you to chew, smile, and speak comfortably.

Such are the reasons that would undoubtedly advocate the installing of dental crowns. The latest dental crowns look almost natural and do not run any risks of falling out or getting loose any time soon. However, you must take proper care of your teeth after getting the crown(s) to keep them in perfect condition. This service is rendered almost in every dental clinic and moreover, the installation of dental crowns is painless and quite cost-effective. At Clove Dental, you can remain assured of getting a quality dental crown and dental services that help you maintain better oral health. Visit us to consult our experienced dentists and get back your dental aesthetics with the help of modern dental wonders.

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