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Last Modified: March 2, 2018


The chill in the air, prevalent till few days ago, has given way to bright sunshine and a prick on the skin – signaling the arrival of a season typically associated with Holi. And as we get down to preparing for grabbing those ghujhiyas and splashing of colors, here are few tips that you may never have considered worthy of a thought.

Teeth are often the silent sufferers during Holi, and for variety of reasons, says Dr Priyanka Mathur, Senior Manager, Clinic Operations, Clove Dental clinics. One, children and youngsters are prone to falling with their face down when being chased away, a common practice during Holi. Other than your face, your tooth often get the brunt of this fall, and there is merit in factoring this in into your list of precautions. Two, bing eating is prevalent during Holi and this has implications for middle aged and elderly people, who have or prone to cavities. “Good brushing followed by flossing is often recommended, however in some cases, we have come across cases where the sweet items have affected the cavities and it required procedures. Prevention is key,” added Dr Mathur.

And the third most critical thing is safeguarding your teeth against chemical-laced colors. “Stained teeth can not only affect your looks but may also shatter your confidence. While best way is to avoid getting into a situation like this by being careful, if you do get it, we recommend bleaching, scaling and polishing,” further said Dr Mathur, who informed that in 2017 Clove Dental clinics across NCR received many such cases where working professionals from corporate sector walked in for getting their stained teeth cleaned up.

Dr. Priyanka Mathur
Senior Manager
Clinic Operations, Clove Dental

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