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Dental Awareness

We at Clove are constantly working to promote Dental Awareness among the community by hosting various campaigns and launching offers. To reach people globally, we write informative articles and create content related to dental health for our social media channels like Instagram and YouTube to promote good oral and overall health. Along with our social platforms, our website is a valuable asset for learning about dental health, treatments, and oral hygiene.

We encourage everyone to support this initiative by being a part of these dental awareness campaigns and drives, taking care of your dental health, and spreading dental information by staying updated with the advancements in dentistry.

Dental Awareness Campaigns in November Month

At every Clove Dental clinic across India, we observe weeks and days dedicated to a dental speciality to ensure that patients and the audience know the different types of treatments. This drives the patient towards the best possible solution for their dental problems from expert dentists.

Dental Awareness Camps Category Location Book an Appointment
2nd - 13th November Dental Esthetics Awareness All Clinics Book Now
15th - 20th November Missing Teeth Awareness All Clinics Book Now
22nd - 30th November Crowns & Aligners/Braces & Implants Awareness All Clinics Book Now

Be a part of our ongoing campaigns by following us on our social media channels. We also have special offers for specific treatments during the awareness weeks.

Offers to Help raise Dental Awareness amongst Masses

Our efforts to spread dental awareness go beyond the traditional dental practice and incorporate specially curated treatments. Our dentists organise free health checkups and smile scans for preliminary screening and consultation. Many limited-time offers are also introduced during the period.

Free Smile Scans

Free Oral Health Checkups

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Dental Plans to Raise Awareness

In a country like India, where dental insurance is not incorporated into various health insurance plans, Clove Dental has taken the initiative to raise awareness about maintaining good oral health at an affordable cost with its dental plans. These dental plans cover all the important procedures at a cost-effective price for everyone, from students to plans specially designed for women's dental health


Health Plan

@Rs 499/-
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Dental Plan

@Rs 999/- 499/-
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Dental Plan

@Rs 1499/- 999/-
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Clove Dental Awareness Channels

We encompass all the possible channels and ways of reaching people and spreading awareness regarding dental health. Along with curating informative content in the form of videos and images, we are also active on Twitter to create an active follower community who are aware of dental health.

Dental Awareness Articles

Written by our expert dentists while keeping in mind the common concerns of people, our website has a vast collection of blogs & articles. We have included all the information regarding almost every dental problem and treatment.

Importance of
oral health awareness

Good dental health is rewarding for life.

There is a pressing need for educational programs to promote good oral hygiene and spread the right education about maintaining proper oral hygiene practices.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is oral health awareness?

Oral health awareness is deemed to be a vital requirement for health-related behavior. It is related to following correct oral hygiene practices and treatments and maintaining proper dental care.

Why is dental health important?

Maintaining good oral health care, like daily brushing and flossing, can help keep various dental issues at bay. Without proper and regular oral hygiene, the bacteria can lead to oral infections, such as tooth decay, early loss of the tooth, and gum disease.

Why is Oral Health Awareness Important?

Being aware of oral health can save us from various diseases, including the ones of our body and mouth. Some systemic diseases show their first appearance through oral signs and symptoms, and they remain untreated because of this missing awareness.

How will the Clove dental awareness program help me?

Joining the dental awareness programs by Clove Dental will help you be updated with the correct ways of maintaining oral care. You can also avail the benefits of a limited period and special offers at our 350+ clinics across India. Follow us, and promote oral health.

Importance of oral health awareness

Oral health awareness is vital to maintain an individual’s overall fitness and well-being. Research has shown that untreated oral conditions may increase the chance of adverse mouth conditions that can affect your overall health.

What are the benefits of good oral hygiene?

Some fantastic benefits of good oral hygiene are: Prevention of cavities and gum diseases; a bright smile; prevention of more severe diseases; no bad breath; low health care costs; and a lot more.

What are the preventive measures to prevent oral disease?

Both youngsters and adults should avoid snacking between meals and see the dentist every 6 months for basic cleaning and an overall checkup. A program of day-to-day brushing and flossing helps manage oral health problems.

Why is oral health important to overall health?

Researchers say there's a synergic connection between oral health and overall fitness. Gum disease is linked to various diseases, including heart disease and many more. Not maintaining overall health can lead to oral disorders such as tooth decay and gum disease.