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Last Modified: August 6, 2018


But first lemme take a Selfie”

A line heard quite often.

Dressing for a party? Lets take a selfie first.

Ready for some adventure? Lets take a selfie first.

We take selfie for every mood or occasion and so we have types of selfies – morning selfie, boredom selfie, workout selfie, first date selfie, first interview selfie and what not.

Gosh! People are so obsessed with this habit.

But ever thought why? The reasons could be many. It can be a manner of showing excitement or can be a way of loving self or just a way of expressing your thoughts or can also help you feel better.

But ever thought of taking a selfie while brushing? Ewww…. who does that. Why will anybody think of taking a selfie at this moment? But just spare a minute and think, will it help?

According to a study, taking selfie while brushing can improve your oral health. It helps you to adopt a better brushing technique which in a way leads to better oral health.

It often happens that we brush twice a day and think that the job is done, that now we will not face any dental amenities. What we ignore is the technique of brushing and not adopting a proper technique can ruin everything.

Researches suggest that taking or recording a selfie can improve the accuracy of brush strokes, increase the number in strokes and can therefore, improve the overall tooth-brushing skills.

How often do you take your child to a dentist specifically to make him/her learn how to brush? Like never? Because you feel that this is an easy process which like always will be passed from one generation to another. Therefore, we never think of undergoing a proper training practice for the same. Brushing selfies in a way will solve this training problem as well. Video recording while you brush will help you correct your ways all yourself. All you need to do is watch what you did and there you will figure out what’s wrong. And if you feel that you’ve adopted the right way, then you can visit a dental clinic near you to show your dentist the video recording. Not only could he/she correct your ways of brushing but can also examine your dental health easily. You can also send your brushing video to your dentist in case you fear to visit one.

This very act of recording a selfie while brushing can make you conscious of your brushing techniques and reinforce behavioral change and can even create a new muscle memory.

This is just a first step towards mHealth to create new healthy dental habits which will help dentists and patients to focus more on prevention rather than fixing the problems once they occur.

You can even have best brushing competition where-in you can post your brushing selfie on any social media platform and challenge your friend to upload his/her brushing selfie. Just like the ice bucket challenge this too can be fun and healthy; making India learn how to brush properly.

So next time when you brush just try taking a selfie, you never know what wonders it can do to your Oral Health!!


Dr. Pragya Mishra

Senior Executive – Marketing

Clove Dental

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