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Its the nature of a man that makes him what he is. True. But do you think that nature is the first thing that attracts any woman?

What do you notice first when you meet someone? Their nature? Certainly No! Because you need to spend at least an hour with someone to know how he is as a person. So what is it that attracts a woman’s attention when they meet a man?
Their looks! The way they interact! But for interaction you need to talk to him. So let’s just settle to looks.

Let’s take an example, if a woman comes across a man who has chubby face versus a man who has a chiseled jawline, who do you think she would prefer talking to? The one with chiseled jaw? Yeah right. Because a man with chubby face might look cute but might not be attractive. A woman will automatically be inclined towards the latter. The reason for this could be that men with such jawlines appear to be stronger. It gives a picture that he is disciplined, hardworking, works out and eats healthy. They look mature and the ones whom you cannot bluff with. Yes the chiseled jawline do look great. Why else do you think ‘Zayn Malik’ has fans around the world and he is the sexiest man of Asia.

Being fit and healthy is not only good for health but is in fashion these days. Pick any celebrity and all they have is fitness to talk about. And what adds to their handsome look? Their face.

Celebrities spend pots of money and energy to get trained taking care of every minute detail. Not only celebrities, men too are into the fitness regime and tend to copy them as much as they can. They want to be fit and look attractive.

When it come to looks they are concerned about getting a perfect jawline. But the question is how? You practice plank for postures, dips for chest and squats for muscles of thighs, hips and buttocks but what for jawline….? Mmmmmm…..Still thinking? Let me help you in this. Did you know that you have about 57 muscles throughout your face and neck and you probably neglect these muscles during your daily workouts. If your body can give you the desired changes after workout so can your face muscles. Just like your body your face too needs exercising like:

Chiseled Jawline exercises?

  • Tongue Press – Your tongue is the most focused part when it comes to face workout. Press your tongue tightly placing it on the roof of your mouth. The area underneath your chin will be targeted. Also make humming sounds while exercising as this will assist the muscles.
  • Jawline clenching – Clench your teeth using a special mouth guard made by your dentist for 3 seconds. This will work out your jawline area. Mouth guard is important as clenching without mouth guard can cause joint problems.
  • Lip movement – This is probably one of the most easiest exercise. One just needs to purse the lips without them touching teeth and say “OO-EE” or say “OO-AH”. This will work on between the area of nose and lips, on the sides of the lips or the muscles around the mouth.
  • Eye squeeze – Tighten your face by pulling your lips down, then squeeze one eye and move your lips towards right. Repeat it in other direction as well. This will help to pull your skin without wrinkling it.
  • Sagging Chin – Place your chin on the fist by keeping your elbows on the table and try opening your mouth while exerting force with your fist. This will workout your jawline area and the area underneath your chin.

Working on these exercises will never disappoint you and will give the desired results. Though these exercises are way to easy yet some people fail to constitute them in their daily routine. If you are too lazy for these work outs then you can add on certain other practices in your everyday life which will help you get what you want, a chiseled jawline. Believe me these are the most complacent methods one can ever think of.

X ways to get attractive Chiseled Jawline

  • The most effortless and easiest way to get your jaw muscles intact is smiling. It helps you to tone your face muscles. The happy fact is that it isn’t as arduous as other exercises. In fact it helps in having a healthy atmosphere.
  • The next lucid approach is chewing gums. Chewing gums make your jaws move and a lot of jaw movement sharpens the area. But if you want quicker results then chew a mastic gum, a specific type of tree sap. Being 10 times harder then the regular gum, it can grow your jaw muscles a lot more then compared to a normal chewing gum.
  • Excess salts affect the skin so it is advised to consume less and to skip munching salted food.
  • A good way to increase blood circulation is by massaging your face with ice in circular motion. This will make the skin tighter. For better results rub your jaw, chin, and cheek for a few seconds.
  • Get your body fat below 10% so that your cheekbones and jawline can show up. For this you can use supplements and have a proper exercising routine.
  • A proper sleep is also required for you to look good. This is because if you don’t have a proper sleep, you will feel tired and as a result your face will look swollen. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

Be a game changer! Follow healthy diet, proper skin care regime, a full body workout and you will be reaching peak physical appearance in less than a month. And as far as exercises are concerned, your facial muscles are very small and will respond quickly.

Dr. Priyanka Mathur
Senior Manager – Clinic Operations

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