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Veneers: How They Can Improve Your Smile & Visual Appearance


Last Modified: November 11, 2021


How Veneers Can Improve Your Smile Visual Appearance?

Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or composite material that is attached to the teeth. They are placed on the natural teeth to make the grin more beautiful and inviting. After getting the porcelain treatment, considerable care is required. You may simply modify the size, shape, and colour of your teeth using dental veneers. They are one of the best dental treatments to improve the appearance of one’s teeth. But, people often get confused about “When to get veneers or not?” In such a situation, consulting the dentist will lead you in the right direction.

  • Veneers quickly resolve the teeth structure
    Placing veneers on your teeth allows you to create a superior smile. At times your teeth become stained owing to alcohol, caffeine, smoking, etc., in the process affecting your smile. It even causes quite a lot of embarrassment since you feel shy to smile in public. When you have the veneers placed on your teeth, these stains are covered, and you need not worry about smiling before others. Overall veneers improve the overall teeth structure.
  • Veneers can resolve the problem of chipping cracking
    The tooth can be easily impacted if you fall or hit your mouth against something hard. This chipping or appearance of crack on the impacted tooth can be hidden behind the veneers and that too without any pain or surgery. You can contact your dentist for more details. 
  • Veneers function just like natural teeth
    Veneers are made of a material that closely resembles the functioning of real teeth. Veneers are strong and rigid enough that you may treat them the same as your natural teeth. However, certain foods need to be avoided after having veneers otherwise, it may cause stains more readily on your new veneers, such as blackberries or dark tea.

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  • Veneers resolve the enamel loss problem
    Minor accidents or dental trauma cause the loss of enamel. Even poor oral and dental habits result in the loss of enamel that grows into yellowing of the tooth, making your smile an unpleasant one. Thus, when the veneers are placed on such teeth, from where the enamel is lost, it makes you and your smile look better.

Smile without embarrassment and leave all your worries behind. With dental aesthetics and a beautiful smile, you will lead a much better life. When your teeth are stronger & look beautiful, your appearance is ought to catch the attention of the crowd! Clove Dental, the best dental clinic in Jaipur is the right destination to get dental services like tooth extraction, dental veneers, root canal treatment, installation of dentures, dental implants, cavity removal, and more. Our dental clinic is equipped with the latest machines and tools that help in offering painless and effective dental services to you.

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