Fix Your Smile with Best Smile Correction Treatment


Last Modified: February 8, 2022


We all agree that a smile outranks the eyes, nose, and body when we talk about the most attractive physical feature. But many ignore it and overlook the significant discernible problems in our smiles. It renders us anxious about our smiles. This is where cosmetic dentistry comes into the picture. A best cosmetic dentist diagnoses all the problems and recommends the best treatment.

It gives a holistic smile makeover, addressing all the issues with your smile. Let us know more about it in detail.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a method of improving the appeal of your smile. It enhances your overall facial look through different treatment modalities involving cosmetic dentistry. Many factors are considered for a complete smile makeover, which is decided according to an individual’s needs and overall oral health condition. 

Some of the factors considered are tooth color, the shape of a tooth, width of the tooth, alignment of the tooth with lips and other oral structures, condition of your gum tissues, etc. 

Some of the common cosmetic dental problems and their solution

  • Missing teeth: Many of us have lost one or more teeth due to decay or other dental issues. Missing a tooth or more affects our smile and hence our overall appearance. Along with the appearance, it may cause some serious dental issues like bite problems or the position of adjacent teeth. The best way to replace a missing tooth is a dental implant or a crown. Both of them can give you a confident smile. 
  • Inappropriate tooth proportion: This includes the width and length of your teeth. Long teeth make your look younger and render you with a youthful appearance. Short teeth can be corrected by reshaping. Besides reshaping, composite buildups, dental laminates, or dental veneers can give you an appropriate teeth proportion. A cracked tooth or chipped tooth can also be corrected by these treatments.  
  • Alignment of teeth: Crooked teeth, overlapping tooth or spacing between the tooth, affect your smile. These can be treated with orthodontic treatment, using Invisalign braces. This will help you get back your natural smile. 
  • Gummy smiles:  If your gums are extensively visible while smiling, this is known as a gummy smile. It might not seem like a massive dental issue, but it affects your overall appearance. It can be treated by recontouring or reshaping the gums with the help of laser dentistry. 

Smile makeovers are done for several reasons and can be customized according to your requirements. A cosmetic dentist will review your overall health and plan your treatment accordingly. At CLOVE DENTAL, we ensure you with the best cosmetic treatment modalities along with the best-trained professionals and the best equipment.

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