Eating with Braces: Friendly Foods for a Healthy Smile


Last Modified: January 22, 2024


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Saying yes to those braces must have been a big and difficult decision for you. But kudos to you for taking that significant step; it will help you achieve that straight and beautiful smile. At the same time, you try and seek answers on the do’s and don’ts of braces. We the experts at Clove, are here to put you out of your misery.

Braces come with few changes in your daily routine, specifically in terms of eating and dietary habits. Proper diet monitoring is of essence to a smooth and successful orthodontic treatment.

In this blog post, we discuss the best practices for eating with braces and highlight some friendly food options that keep your smile healthy throughout the process.

Starting with the basics of embracing the brace health:

Before getting into the list of friendly foods, it’s crucial to understand the basics for taking better care of your braces. Some friendly tips are:

  • Be sure always to follow your orthodontist’s instructions for proper oral hygiene maintenance
  • On your next clinic visit, ask your orthodontist to demonstrate the correct brushing technique to be followed
  • Always be mindful of the types of foods that can cause damage to your braces

Food that is sticky, hard, or too chewy can be problematic and may lead to broken brackets or wires.

Brace-Friendly Foods

  • Soft Fruits and Vegetables: Try switching to softer food options, such as bananas, berries, cooked vegetables, and applesauce. These help your body receive all the essential vitamins and minerals while being gentle on your braces.
  • Dairy Products: Incorporating more dairy products into your diet boosts your body’s calcium levels. Paneer, milk and cheese are excellent choices to do so.
  • Grains and Carbohydrates: Softer grains, being easy to chew, help you meet your carbohydrate goals while being kind on your braces. Some good examples of grains include rice, pasta and quinoa.
  • Smoothies and Soups: Smoothies, soups, or any other blended version of food are not only delicious but also easy to consume. The best part, you’re at your own liberty to mix and match nutritious ingredients. This helps you to keep the meal to your liking and also exciting.
  • Soft Breads: Switching to softer bread options like wraps and tortillas over crusty bread helps you enjoy sandwiches without worrying about damage.
  • Desserts in Moderation: Braces don’t imply dessert-less existence. They remind you to be cautious with them. Opting for sifter choices such as ice cream, pudding, and soft cakes does not harm till the time consumed in moderation.
  • Hydration is Key: Water is always a safe and healthy choice. Stay hydrated to support overall oral health and help flush away food particles that may get stuck in your braces.


Eating with braces doesn’t necessarily have to be a major lifestyle shift. You can still enjoy flavors and complete your body’s nutritional requirements by choosing brace-friendly foods. If you are able to follow your orthodontist’s guidelines, attend regular check ups and maintain a good oral hygiene on your own, you can ensure a healthy and successful orthodontic journey. And who knows, you might even end up enjoying the process!

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