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Clove Dental Clinic

Discipline : Dentistry

Publisher Name : Clove Dental

Publisher Address : 2nd floor, New Block, RK Khanna Tennis Stadium, DLTA Complex, 1, Africa Avenue, New Delhi 110029

Scope : Journal of Dental Health & Research (JDHR) is the peer-reviewed journal of Clove Dental, India’s largest structured organisation with more than 950 dentists working under one administration. The journal is published quarterly with the aim of promoting research in all the specialities of Dentistry and ensuring dissemination of valuable knowledge-based information to the dental fraternity. JDHR accepts scientific publications in the form of original research, clinical studies, in-vitro studies, surveys, field trials, clinical cases, literature reviews etc. Broadly speaking, the journal showcases a variety of scientific material which can help the dental surgeon to perform better. These in addition to above will also include surveys, cross-sectional studies, longitudinal studies, randomized controlled trials and in-vitro studies. The Journal also accepts literature reviews, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, case-reports, short communications and editorials. The journal is not responsible in any manner for the individual views of any author expressed in any article published in the journal. Studies that involve human subjects should follow the ethical considerations as stated in the Nuremberg Code and Declaration of Helsinki. All studies should follow guidelines set by the Indian Council of Medical Research as well as Indian Good Clinical Practice guidelines.