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Clove Dental Clinic
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    Himanshu Nema 19-08-2016

    Dr.Aishwarya was really amazing and helpful. She resolved all my queries patiently. Thank you so much!

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    Dipsmita Niyogi 31-08-2016
    GGN 23

    Good,clean and hygienic facilites. Staff courteous and helpful!

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    Sonal Priyadarshini 22-08-2016
    GGN 31

    I have already started recommending Clove Dental to my friends. I am fully satisfied! Dr. Jayna, Dr. Subani, Dr.Neeladri and Dr.Kritika were wonderful, very friendly and good in profession.

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    JAGDISH CHAND 27-08-2016
    GGN 10

    Nothing could be suggested for improvement as everything is working excellent over here

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    Saurabh Khandelwal 28-08-2016
    GGN 31

    Clove dental clinics are an asset to our country. Please expand your set up in other cities also. We need transparent clinics. Excellent job by Dr. Jayna Gandhi.

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    suprita 28-08-2016
    GGN 49

    The Doctors are extremely friendly, helpful & confident plus they are always smiling 🙂

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    Sheta aggarwal 27-08-2016

    My husband and I have always been advised setups that are professional. Clove doctors have been a marked change from our earlier dentists. I had a flawless experience with my implant and post treatment also.

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    S.K. Verma 17-08-2016
    NOIDA 44

    Things were explained very clearly. Very friendly and professional atmosphere.

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    Pankaj Dhamija 28-08-2016

    The doctors are very polite and friendly. Their suggestion was appropriate. Thank you.

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    Dolly 29-01-2016

    Extremely informative, clinically healthy environment. Can be recommended again.

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