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Clove Dental Clinic
  • best dentist

    Sourabhi 03-11-2015

    Everything is good, good, good.

  • dentist nearby

    Rahul 04-11-2015

    Caring procedure for cleaning teeth.

  • best dentist

    Dr Manju 01-11-2015

    No suggestions. Got excellent … treatment with Dr. Pandey

  • best dentist

    Aanya 01-11-2015

    Very child-friendly atmosphere. Thrilled!! Attended by Dr. Akanksha.

  • dentist nearby

    Ankit 02-11-2015

    Service is always great. Feel comfortable and informed about treatment always.

  • dentist nearby

    Kapil 01-11-2015

    One of the best dental clinics I have visited.

  • dentist nearby

    Anirudh 01-11-2015

    Excellent Services Excellent Doctors.

  • dentist nearby

    Yuvraj 13-11-2015

    Didn’t know that tooth extraction can be so easy and painfree before today.

  • dentist nearby

    Vijay 17-11-2015

    My treatment was done by Dr Pankaj Kaushik. Extremely intelligent, polite and knows his job!

  • dentist nearby

    Mahesh 29-11-2015

    The clinic is excellent and dentists are professional.

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