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Clove Dental Clinic
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    SANJAY JAIN 08-02-2018
    Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

    Great treatment by Dr. Shikha, it was painless.

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    SHANKAR NARAYAN 07-02-2018
    Banashankari - Bangalore

    Doctors and the staff are professional and efficient. Very satisfied. Had Root Canal and Crowning.

  • dentist nearby

    VIJAY KUMAR KC 05-02-2018
    JP Nagar - Bangalore

    Well organized and helpful and very co-operative during and after treatment. Thank You Dr. Aparna!!

  • best dentist

    GOURAVI GOPAL 05-02-2018
    Chandra Layout - Bangalore

    Great suggestions from Dr. Deepa. Happy with my results!!

  • best dentist

    RITIKA SHAH 05-02-2018
    Jeevanbima Nagar - Bangalore

    I have visited 3-4 dental clinics in Bangalore and Clove Dental seems to be the best till date!!

  • best dentist

    ARUNIMA PAUL 05-02-2018
    Brigade Arcade - Bangalore

    Dr. Kanika explained the procedure thoroughly. Really impressed!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  • best dentist

    DIPIKA GOEL 07-02-2018
    Mohali Phase 11 - Chandigarh

    I really liked the way my case was handled….highly professional behaviour. A big thumbs up!!

  • dentist nearby

    KISHAN GOYAL 03-02-2018
    Malviya Nagar - Jaipur

    Excellent services!!

  • dentist nearby

    GAURAV GUPTA 07-02-2018
    DLF Galleria

    I trust Clove Dental and I know I am in safe and competent hands.

  • dentist nearby

    RAJAT MAHAJAN 07-02-2018
    Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

    I had been through different Doctors in my own state for my dental treatment but was not satisfied with the results. But after coming to Clove, I had found the best treatment. My doctors, Dr. Shikha Nayar & Dr. Amrit Pal Singh are best.
    Thank You so much!!

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