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Clove Dental Clinic
  • Excellent work!!

    KARAN BHARGAVA Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

  • Excellent work with perfection by Dr. Sunita. Will surely visit again.

    SUNIL PARWANI Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

  • – Had a nice clean-up session
    – Fully satisfied
    – Thumbs-up

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    PRIYANKA Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

  • – Personal Touch
    – Makes patient comfortable
    – Explained the process thoroughly in detail
    – Fully satisfied

    dentist nearby

    SUBHASH GORWANEY Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

  • Great clinic. Great doctors.

    MR. SATISH SUKHIJA Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

  • Nice Clinic!!

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    RAJENDRA SINGH Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

  • Great experience unlike expected from a dentist.

    best dentist

    MADHU MATHUR Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

  • Thorough treatment explanation and secured treatment. Will come again for the treatment further.

    LOURDMARY V Shanthi Colony

  • Very professional approach thereby enabling total patient satisfaction. Special thanks to Dr. Abinaya.

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    RAJENDRA DYAL Shanthi Colony

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