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Clove Dental Clinic
  • Very friendly doctors nice work.

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    Pratima GREEN PARK

  • May be tell better next time.

    best dentist

    Karishma JANAKPURI

  • Great levels of hygiene, patient rendering and explanation of service.Even the call centre staff is good.

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  • Its really a good step to have a multi-locational chain of dental clinics. I am impressed by the hygiene.

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  • Day Before yesterday I had big problem with my tooth after treatment I feel much better. Thank you!

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    Deepak GREEN PARK

  • Dr Radhika always ready to answer with a smile.

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    Sajad GREEN PARK

  • I am extremely satisfied and happy with the treatment. Thank you!

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    Reet GURGAON 56

  • It was a painless experience and a very professional dental work. I am obliged.

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    De S Kadian GREEN PARK

  • Best dental experience.

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    Seher GURGAON 56

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