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Clove Dental Clinic

The doctors here are really good.
They are very understanding, highly professional and try all their means to make you comfortable.


I am really impressed with Dr. Meru. She advised me at every step. All praises to her.
Thank You!!

best dentist


I was dead scared before getting RCT as I’ve heard that it is the most painful treatment. But Dr. Mudita is truly a professional as the entire process was painless.

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SOHAIL BHATTI Gurgaon - Sec 10

The experience here at Clove Dental Gurgaon Sec 10 clinic had been amazing. Dr. Mudita exhibits all the qualities of a true professional. She has a sincere approach towards her patients.
Thank You!!

RITESH PANDEY Gurgaon - Sec 10

Excellent doctors!!
Dr. Ruby explained everything very well & also dealt with the treatment very gently & professionally.
Thank You!!


Dr. Srivastava is highly dedicated towards patient-care. His warm nature and continued support throughout the treatment process made me comfortable. His craftsmanship is top notch and does not hinder to achieve the epitome of treatment in any way.

RAGHAV GUPTA Gurgaon - Sec 31

The doctors are very professional and knowledgeable. They take good care of the patients. The treatment went smoothly and I didn’t feel any pain.

best dentist

NEENA YADAV Rohini Sec 7

Thank you for the detailed procedural explanations & taking good care during the procedure. They saved my tooth from further decay

D. PANDEY Vaishali Nagar - Jaipur

Well I as any human had a pre-conceived notion about teeth extraction but honestly there was nothing to be worried of. The team of doctors and staff really helps you to ease out from the pain. I am no more terrified about the dental treatments.

PRANAV ARORA Vaishali Nagar - Jaipur

Great treatment. The management is excellent here. My entire family is getting treatment done here.

best dentist


Great job.
Friendly staff.
Extremely satisfied.
Awesome experience.

best dentist

JOYCE Kondapur

I am very thankful to the entire Clove Dental team at Rajinder Nagar. Excellent work by Dr. Karuna & Dr. Dinesh

CB LALA Rajinder Nagar - New Delhi

Great experience. Dr. Kalra is very kind and expert in her job.

best dentist

RICHA TRIPATHI Rajinder Nagar - New Delhi

I am really impressed with the services. They are the best. The chemistry between the team is exemplary.

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Col. ARUN SHARMA Gurgaon - Sec 63

The behaviour of the staff and the doctors is really appreciable.


Doctors are very professional & caring. I was in pretty bad shape when I first came here. The doctors took good care of my pain. I receive same kind of treatment whenever I visit this place. Highly recommended.

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