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Clove Dental

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Saturday , 18/08/2018
Clove Dental Clinic
Clove Dental
  • Patient feedback consists of the views and opinions of patients and service users on the care they have experienced.
  • Patient feedback at Clove Dental is of paramount importance since it gives us an insight of the quality of health care and patient’s experience
  • We believe in deep diving in patient experience measures, since it provides feedback on their experience at the time of treatment , including the interpersonal aspects of care.
  • We are open and value customers feedback as we believe in transparency and take pride in resolving our patients query as we put our patients first. We strive to resolve our patients queries as fast as we can or maximum within 24 – 48 hours
  • We have a dedicated Quality team who reviews every feedback diligently. Also, Our CEO & CCO are themselves involved in every escalated issue.
  • Patients at Clove can give their feedback at our clinic & also on other portals like on social media like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, Also they can call us on our Dental Healthline Number or directly mail us at
  • We have stringent Quality measurements at Clove that are used to improvise:
    1. Preventing the overuse, underuse, and misuse of health care services and ensuring patient satisfaction
    2. Identifying what works in dental care—and what doesn’t—to drive improvement;
    3. Holding dental care providers accountable for providing high-quality care;
    4. Measuring and addressing disparities in how care is delivered and in health outcomes;
    5. Helping patients make informed choices about their care.