Risks of ignoring dental health

Risks of ignoring dental health


Last Modified: March 7, 2018


Term health signifies the overall well being of an individual and not just one particular organ. Teeth or the oral cavity plays a very crucial part in maintaining health, from proper digestion to maintaining health of other organs such as heart.

Yes you read it right! The Mouth helps in maintaining the health of other organs and also of your fetus! Scientific studies have proven that there are more than 40 types of diseases that can occur from the mouth. Mouth harbors 600 different types of bacterial colonies. These bacteria can travel through the blood stream and reach different organs and can cause problems there as well. Here is a proposed list of all the diseases that a mouth or ‘periodontal’ Bacteria can cause:

So after reading the aforementioned problems are you sure you want to neglect your teeth? Think again!

Here is what one can do to take care of teeth:

  • Brush twice daily. American dental association (ADA) recommends brushing twice. Brushing before sleeping is mandatory. The production of saliva during sleep decreases and bacterial activity increases. Brushing removes lodged food and reduces bacterial content and their activity.
  • Warm saline rinse: It is the best protection that one can give to teeth. Through the process of osmosis, all the unwanted bacteria are removed and rinsing is easy to follow, even when one is working.
  • Brush at least 2-3 minutes and cover all the surfaces of teeth, specially the back teeth.
  • Any pain or slight problem that occurs rush to your dentist.
  • Regular check ups, in every 6 months are advised.

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