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Clove Dental Clinic

Dear Patients & Friends of Clove,

We all are currently facing a life-changing situation that will likely alter the World Order. The rapid and dynamic spread of COVID-19 is creating great anxiety and concern, requiring us to stop the spread by all means necessary, such as staying at home and practicing social distancing.

Unfortunately, dental issues and pain requiring care, advice, perhaps even treatment, will continue to happen to some of us.

Clove Dental, as your oral health partner, is available and here to help you with your dental needs. As such, we have implemented the following:

  • E-Consultation: Our leading and highly experienced dentists are available for tele, video or web dental consultations. Please visit https://clovedental.in/appointments to book an appointment for e-consultation. Please note that there is no charge for e-consultations.
  • Emergency Clinics: Every day, several of our 348 clinics across 25 cities are open for emergency treatments. Depending on your specific situation, our e-consulting dentist will advise you on how to manage the problem at home or facilitate treatment at one of our clinics. You can always call 1800 1200 03232 directly, too.
  • Global Quality Protocols: Clove Dental has the highest quality standards in the dental industry and is well known for protocols and practices that match, if not exceed, European and North American standards. Since COVID-19, Clove has further enhanced some quality protocols.

Clove’s trademarked 4-Step Sterilization TM process which is a global benchmark for ensuring an infection-free dental environment.

  • Vacuum autoclaving of all instruments including dentist’s handpieces, drills and other surgical points using Class-B autoclaves. This is above and beyond standard practice at most other clinics.
  • Sterilization and Asepsis measures including ‘Asepto’ procedure for the entire clinic operatory, after every patient visit, ensuring the most sterile treatment environment.
  • Disinfection of chair and all treatment surfaces, doorknobs, door handles, surgical trays, chair-light handles etc. are standard protocols at Clove.
  • Monitoring X-ray radiation levels through periodic check of dosimeters worn by clinic staff and tracked through the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.
  • Regular fumigation of clinic operatory after every advanced treatment. We have increased the frequency of fumigation to ensure 100% infection-free environment even in the post-Covid-19 world.
  • Bio-medical waste disposal according to WHO guidelines. Unfortunately, most other clinics don’t follow such guidelines.
  • Fortnightly audit of each clinic by Quality teams to check on asepsis and sterilization to ensure stringent adherence to our protocols.
  • 100% disposal of all single-use dental consumables. Post COVID-19 additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) protocols added.

Patient and Staff safety always has and will remain, our primary objective. Clove’s Dentists and Dental Assistants have recently undergone extensive additional training to look for Coronavirus symptoms and can educate patients on how to stay safe.

On March 20th, Clove Dental temporarily suspended normal operations (Clinics are open for emergency treatments as mentioned above), and all elective treatments were postponed. Our 348 clinics began operating on an emergency basis only. This decision is in accordance with the Government and Dental Council guidelines and directives.

We, Clovers, are taking this time to further improve our processes, discuss and create new treatment modalities, procure new equipment and materials. Therefore, on April 15th (or as soon as the lockdown is lifted) all our clinics will resume with even higher quality protocols to fully to meet our patients’ needs.

Our website www.clovedental.in has a comprehensive list of Oral Health tips and guidelines to ensure that you and your family can ensure good oral health at all times, especially when movement is restricted.

Please stay safe, practice good hygiene and pay special attention to your oral health.

God Bless us all.

Amarinder Singh,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Clove Dental