Bad breath

How Do I Get Rid Of Bad Breath?


Last Modified: February 1, 2022


Bad breath is also known as Halitosis. It is mostly taken as a sign of bad oral hygiene but it is possible to have some other origin too. Bad breath is an embarrassing situation and should be treated without any delay. It is estimated that 1 in every 4 people can show a symptom of bad breath. It is the third most common reason why people visit a dentist. In India, the best dental treatment in Delhi considers halitosis a serious issue and works on improving one’s quality of living.  Let us know more about the causes and cures of halitosis.

Causes Of Bad Breath 

  • Maintenance of poor oral hygiene, not brushing, and flossing properly lead to bad breath. 
  • Consumption of tobacco products. They work as the major contributor to halitosis 
  • Some food particles when stuck to the teeth in the mouth for a long time cause bad breath. 
  • Lower levels of saliva cause dry mouth, which increases the bad smell from the mouth 
  • Fasting and trying low carbs diets increase the ketone metabolism in the body, which has a strong odor. And hence render you with a bad breath.  
  • Some medications cause dry mouth or release some chemicals which result in halitosis 
  • Lastly, some diseases like liver cancer, liver failure, and other metabolic diseases can cause bad breath. 

Cures for Bad Breath

  • Maintenance of good oral hygiene will always ensure you a confident and bright smile. It reduces the chances of gum diseases and dental cavities that might lead to bad breath.
  • Usage of proper mouthwashes and toothpaste. They are designed to kill the bad bacteria in your mouth leaving you with a fresh breath.
  • In case you are suffering from any gum disease, get rid of it immediately otherwise, you will have to face the negative consequences later. 
  • Removal of sticky food particles from your mouth is as important as keeping your body clean. Regular flossing once a day ensures the removal of the clingy foodstuff present between the teeth. 
  • Your tongue can behave as a habitat for the bacteria, which may render you with halitosis. Regular cleaning of the tongue is important. 
  • If you are a denture wearer, make sure to keep them clean all the time. 
  • Avoid having a dry mouth. Drink plenty of water. 

It can be from both the outside and inside of the mouth. Ruling out the cause and getting an appropriate treatment for it is the best way to get rid of halitosis. Some of the techniques can be used at your home but if you still do not get a fresh breath, consult a dentist. Do not be ashamed of your dental health and get it checked as soon as you can. At Clove Dental, we have a team of the best professionals who can offer you the best treatment and help you get rid of any of the dental problems right away!

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