laser dentistry uses, safety features, and benefits

Laser Dentistry: Uses, Safety Features, and Benefits


Last Modified: December 15, 2022


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When you lose a tooth, it not only hampers your physical well-being but also affects you mentally. The inability to chew or speak properly tops the list of problems accompanying a missing tooth. However, if you choose to replace the tooth with a dental implant, you can avoid all these problems and save yourself from putting your oral health at risk.
An implant is more than just a long-term solution for a missing tooth. It helps restore the natural tooth form and boosts your confidence & self-esteem by filling the gaps and bringing back your perfect smile.

Owing to the biocompatibility and aestheticism of dental implants, they have gained significant traction in India. In JDI’s (Journal of Dental Implants) research, the awareness about the implants has increased to 32.3%, which is much higher than the 23.24% reported in previous studies conducted on Indian populations.
Since these implants are a gold standard in tooth replacement, they are the clear winners in the list of ways to replace a missing tooth.
Let’s discuss further the implants and what makes them the best option for your missing teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?,

They are artificial teeth made of biocompatible metals like titanium or zirconia. They are placed inside the jawbones through a surgical procedure, and they later get integrated into the bone and surrounding tissues over a while. The screw is then covered by a crown made of porcelain or zirconia.
One of the major advantages of a dental implant is that it is fixed immobile and offers excellent aesthetics. In addition, because of their strength and stability, they can bear the load of a tooth or a complete denture.
Implants can be classified according to their shape, material, and placement. The dental implant cost in India may also vary according to their characteristics and region. You can always consult an implantologist at Clove about what works the best for you.
Now that you know about the implants, it’s time to talk about

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