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7 Doubts About Teeth Whitening Need to Clarify


Last Modified: March 30, 2022


Who doesn’t love to have a sparkling smile? It helps boost confidence and maintain oral health. Because of the growing awareness of oral hygiene, the demand for teeth whitening has increased tremendously. There is a surge in teeth whitening services as people opt for various reasons. One of the most apparent reasons in India is; that one can get excellent teeth whitening procedures done at a nominal cost.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps remove stains on the teeth, making them look healthier and whiter with a flashy and radiant smile. Over time drinking tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking cigarettes, etc., can dull the colour of your teeth. People prefer to opt for teeth whitening to bring their confidence and enhance their beauty with a dazzling smile. However, certain doubts occupy people’s minds about teeth whitening. Here, in this read, we will clear all your doubts surrounding teeth whitening so that you can make an informed decision.

7 Common Doubts About Teeth Whitening: Answers and Clarifications

  1. Should I opt for do-it-yourself (DIY) teeth whitening or seek professional help?

There are numerous products available at the drug stores for DIY teeth whitening. However, they may not give you the desired results you want. Every individual has their own needs. You should be aware of the right product for you, whether the product is suitable for your specific needs or not, and many more such things. If you choose the wrong product and do not follow the process correctly, your condition can worsen and damage your teeth.

However, a dentist examines your oral condition and suggests the perfect treatment or products for your teeth. You might have gum issues or other dental problems, and you might not be aware of them. You have to consider many things before going for a teeth whitening procedure. Therefore, it is better to rely on professional help.

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  1. What are the reasons for staining and discolouration?

The cause of stains on the teeth is because of lifestyle habits. The different habits that cause teeth staining are drinking coffee, tea, sodas, alcohol, etc. And the discolouration of teeth is caused by many factors like abnormal development of tooth enamel and dentin, medications, ageing, genetics, trauma, and the environment. After assessing the teeth properly, only then, a dentist gives proper suggestions as to what would work better for you. 

  1. Why is the teeth whitening procedure may not be suitable for some people?

Before going for a teeth whitening procedure or using a product yourself, you should consider certain things. The drug store products may not work for people with noticeable dental works like crowns etc. Similarly, if people with tooth sensitivity opt for self teeth whitening products can worsen their condition. However, the professional teeth whitening process involves proper protection for your gums and lips that lessens your sensitivity issue.

People with specific problems like tooth decay, gum disease, etc., should first opt to treat these problems before teeth whitening. A dentist can suggest and guide you properly, and under professional supervision, you can achieve desired results without harm. And pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid going for a teeth whitening procedure.

  1. How do the concentrations of bleaching agents impact your teeth whitening results?

The different products available in the market have different concentrations of bleaching agents that may or may not be suitable for you to give the results. However, dentists use customized trays as per your requirement that can fetch you desired results. Moreover, you can choose between the in-office treatment or at-home treatments. It is better to go as per your dentist’s suggestion.

  1. What is the difference between in-office teeth whitening treatments and professional at-home treatment?

In-office teeth whitening procedure takes place in the dental office. The dentist does the whole procedure by using proportionate bleaching agents that suit you to get the desired results. The dentist carries out the entire process with utmost care and safety. He thoroughly examines the teeth and applies a gel on your gums to protect them, and then he applies bleaching on the teeth.

In professional at-home treatment, the dentist thoroughly examines your teeth to carry the necessary steps to prepare you for the procedure. He then fabricates custom dental trays that fit your needs. The first session of at-home bleaching is done at the clinic by the dentist, and the procedure is explained to the patient so that they can do it at home. You get the results after the number of times suggested by the dentist.

  1. Can anyone follow the natural teeth whitening tips circulating on social media?

It is not advisable to follow the natural teeth whitening tips as sometimes they can do more harm than help you achieve the purpose. Certain items have more acid, along with stains that erode your teeth’ enamel. Most of the tips are just myths, or they can make your oral problems more severe.

  1. Are there any side effects of the teeth whitening procedure?

There are no such severe side effects of teeth whitening; however, you have to get it done by professionals. Doing it by yourself by using available over-the-counter products can cause issues like enamel eroding or damaging your gums. Therefore, taking the help of your dentist can help you achieve your results without any problems.

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So that now we have burst all your myths and doubts about teeth whitening, you can make a decision and own that million-dollar smile. Getting the teeth whitening procedure done by professionals at Clove Dental can drive great results. By following regular hygiene and professional dental cleaning, you can have a beautiful and long-lasting smile. Schedule a call today; we would love to be the reason behind your gorgeous and bright smile.

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