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    Mr. Nipendra Singh 31-08-2016

    I have had series of check-ups and a dental impant surgery with Clove Dental earlier this year (2016). The whole process which took over a couple of months was carefully planned to accommodate my schedule and comfort at all times. At each point of contact, the process was made simpler and easier for me by the Doctors, which helped me a long way to plan my schedule and made me feel very comfortable during each interaction. I want to especially thank Dr. Bhavani Nair, as she was always there to help me and explain the process of implants, check-ups, timeline and scheduling. Dr. Nair took the time out to always ask if I was comfortable during the process and if anything would be required, a very kind approach was offered to me at all times by her, and I am immensely pleased to be writing this recommendation. I further, would like to thank Dr. Arya and Dr. Garg for their time during Implants and Surgery. I have had earlier surgeries, but the carefulness, time and professionalism with which my implant case was handled by Dr. Arya and Dr. Garg was definitely of the highest level of professional ethics in this profession that I have come across. Even post the whole process, Dr. Nair went out of her way to remind me of my check ups and if I was feeling well, a very kind gesture. I appreciate and thank all of you, for the very personal and caring approach I was offered and I certainly would come again to see this team for my future check-ups as required. Thank you so very much and wish you the very best!

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    Seyar Yaqoobi 05-07-2016
    Sheikh Sarai

    I would like to recommend Dr. Vishal kumar for her best job in curing my teeth. Thanks Dr. Vishal kumar for such a painless treatment.
    I would recommend Clove Dental for people like me , Dental treatment is not anymore painful.
    Clove dental is the best clinic…

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    Mani Sinha 23-08-2016

    My interaction with Clove at Samman Bazar Bhogal started in the year 2014. Since then be it a root canal or any dental issue. I visited Dr Ritika at the drop of a hat. She’s been a doctor/friend since then.
    In 2015 I shifted to Vasant kunj, still I consulted Dr Ritika and her team for everything. Then at the beginning of 2016 I went through a serious accident and lost a few teeth and had a bad blood clot. It required a Post operation as well as other minor surgery. Dr Vishal who performed the surgery ensured he was available every time on the phone to respond to my stupid queries. With my hectic lifestyle I am really bad at keeping up to my appointments but the whole team is very patient with my whimsical ways. Dr Naira’s sweet smile definitely helps pain reduction. So all in all a thumbs up to the whole team. The quality of treatment is good and conducted in a very professional manner.
    At Clove we find the transparency in the treatment and the interaction is directly with the Doctor.

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    Virendra Gupta 30-08-2016
    Chandigarh Sector 20

    I have visited clove sec 20 chd. Dr Gunjan and Dr Aman took good care and the treatment done was excellent really satisfied. Highly recommended! !

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    Rathish Kumar Nair 08-06-2016
    Preet Vihar

    Did anyone saw MEN @ WORK ! Right time Right place in the hands of Right guy Dr. Rajdeep Bandophadhya at Clove Preet vihar Branch Delhi. I am so so so and so happy to meet a gem of a guy like Dr. Rajdeep. I was struggling with wisdom tooth pain for last 2 years and went with lot pain and house hold remedies. I got a reffrence through one of my friend to visit Clove and get consulted for the same. I was so very afraid of visiting dentist and here it is Dr. Rajdeep. Guy is like a friend and less of a doctor who can make you easy and help you to get rid of your pain. It was an hour of surgery and I am away from the pain which was following me for years. Guy do visit Clove ! Highly recommendable . Thanks Doc 🙂

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    Simran Suri Chopra 26-07-2016
    Kirti Nagar

    It was for the first time in my life that i gathered the courage to visit a dentist at Clove Kirti Nagar for scaling of teeth. Dr Shabina explained my dental problems in detail and advised me for a tooth extraction. Her warm and welcoming attitude was enough to start my treatment. I must admit that i was scared throughout but Dr Shabina made the entire process very simple and painless. I must say that she is a very dedicated doctor who is also humble and polite. Also the hygiene maintained is worth appreciating. It was a good experience and would definitely recommend Clove to my friends and relatives.

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    Preetinder Chadha 08-03-2016
    DWARKA 7

    My Doctor, Mr Manish Kaushik has been amazing, a through professional and a gentleman. All the best!

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    Manuj Khurana 08-07-2016
    GURGAON 14

    Great Staff and very empathetic Doctors. Really Made me comfortable as I was apprehensive for my implant surgery.

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    Ramesh Kumar 10-08-2016

    Quite Impressed with your facilities. Keep up the good work!

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    Dr. Rajesh 14-08-2016
    GURGAON 14

    Dr. Priyanka Mathur is very knowledgeable, caring and friendly and makes the patient feel very comfortable. Dr. Ruby Dawar is an excellent surgeon. Overall a very good experience!

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