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Clove Dental Clinic
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    Arpit 14-11-2015

    Nice checkup with no pain.

  • dentist nearby

    H.K. 10-11-2015

    Good reception and care for patient. Good job.

  • best dentist

    Divya 12-11-2015

    Excellent service, doctors are great.

  • dentist nearby

    hoshiyar 13-11-2015

    Dr. Tejpal is the best Dr.; guides in an honest and proper way, elucidating the minute details and Dr. Unnati Gupta explained well.

  • dentist nearby

    Lasat 04-11-2015

    Good up-to-date equipment and dentists. Keep it up.

  • dentist nearby

    Omkar 07-11-2015

    No comments, just excellent doctors.

  • dentist nearby

    RK 07-11-2015

    I appreciate the behaviour and keeness to see the patient and provide maximum help.

  • dentist nearby

    Bhagwan 01-11-2015

    The overall experience is good and we will wish to consult as and when needed.

  • dentist nearby

    Vansh 09-11-2015

    Its hygeine is awesome the doctors are also good here.

  • best dentist

    Sweta 08-11-2015

    Very clean friendly doctor. Thanks for making me comfortable with the experience.

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