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Clove Dental Clinic
  • DAVINDER SINGH 29-03-2018
    Mohali 3B2 - Chandigarh

    I ma very satisfied with my treatment by Dr. Bhupinder.

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    MOHAMAD ALI KHAN 27-03-2018
    Derawal Nagar - New Delhi

    Feeling absolutely great after the treatment at Clove. All the very best to Clove team for future.

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    MEERA SHARMA 29-03-2018
    Mohali 3B2 - Chandigarh

    I am really happy with my treatment done by Dr. Bhupinder.
    Happy to visit a clinic which is so very neat and clean.

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    ABHINAV BHARDWAJ 27-03-2018

    With so many Dental Clinics mushrooming in Kammanhalli area, your clinic is absolutely a gem. I am especially impressed by humility and attention to detail by Dr. Vishnu Unni. He went beyond the call of duty to attend my emergency case even though I came after 9 PM.

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    VAISHALI DEY 28-03-2018
    JP Nagar - Bangalore

    Dr. Kanchan provided valuable advice on my dental condition and explained the procedure at every stage.

  • UBAIR 20-03-2018
    Mohali 3B2 - Chandigarh

    The treatment is great.
    The staff is good.
    The doctors make the treatment almost painless.
    It really costs less.

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    BHAVNA PANICKER 27-03-2018
    Dwarka Sec 19

    I am very satisfied with the overall experience. Was extremely terrified before the RCT but Dr. Balpreet did it smoothly and professionally.
    Thank You!!

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    DEEPTI ACHARYA 27-03-2018
    Dwarka Sec 19

    Dr. Gulati has a very professional approach which kept me extremely confident about my treatment with him.

  • ASHOK KUMAR SURI 27-03-2018
    Arjun Marg - Gurgaon

    All the Doctors who treated me are truly living angels.
    Thank You!!

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    VAISHALI 27-03-2018
    Vikaspuri - New Delhi

    Dr. Vishesh a very professional and gentle dentist. Exactly what a patient with dental pain looks for

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