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Clove Dental Clinic

Excellent work with perfection by Dr. Sunita. Will surely visit again.

SUNIL PARWANI Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

– Had a nice clean-up session
– Fully satisfied
– Thumbs-up

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PRIYANKA Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

– Personal Touch
– Makes patient comfortable
– Explained the process thoroughly in detail
– Fully satisfied

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SUBHASH GORWANEY Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

Great clinic. Great doctors.

MR. SATISH SUKHIJA Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

Nice Clinic!!

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RAJENDRA SINGH Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

Great experience unlike expected from a dentist.

best dentist

MADHU MATHUR Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

Thorough treatment explanation and secured treatment. Will come again for the treatment further.

LOURDMARY V Shanthi Colony

Very professional approach thereby enabling total patient satisfaction. Special thanks to Dr. Abinaya.

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RAJENDRA DYAL Shanthi Colony

The clinic, the doctors and support staff are so very good that there is no scope of suggestions.
Satisfying visit!!

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RAJENDRA DYAL Shanthi Colony

I am surprised that doctors at the dental clinic can be so friendly.
Excellent job !!

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REKHA R. Shanthi Colony

Both Dr. Divya and Dr. Shefali are wonderful and very co-operative. The quality of time and guidance they provide helped my family to preserve the dental care.

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NUDRAT JAHAN Lajpat Nagar - New Delhi

Extremely satisfied with the treatment and results. Very hygienic and the dentists are highly professional. Will surely recommend Clove to my friends and family.

ARIZ SHUJA Lajpat Nagar - New Delhi

I use to fear dentists but a visit to this clinic cleared all my doubts and I no longer fear them.
Thank You!!

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I had a severe tooth ache due to which I visited Clove Dental clinic. I met Dr. Tanvi Kalra who was very patient during the check-up. I never visit a dentist due to bad history but the experience was all in all new to me. Dr. Tanvi treated me and my pain was gone within two days.
I would surely recommend this clinic and all thanks to the doctors and staff.

best dentist

ANISHA PANDA Meenakshi Garden

Everything is excellent!!

best dentist


The attention to detailed treatment and willingness to explain the procedure was incredible.
Dr. Kapoor is a rockstar

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