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Clove Dental Clinic
  • Good location
  • Excellent ambience
  • Satisfactory visit
  • Will surely to recommend to friends and relatives

SANJEEV SHARMA Durgapura - Jaipur

Great services.

Dr. Garima is just like family to us now. She is an amazing Doctor.

best dentist

MEENA RAGHANI Durgapura - Jaipur

The Doctors are competent and know their subject.

The assistants are also well versed with the jobs assigned to them.

SOMESH RATHI Durgapura - Jaipur

It feels like we are with our family and friends. The doctors and staff makes you comfortable.

I loved the services.

NAITIK Durgapura - Jaipur

Excellent services!!
Great doctors.
Would love to visit the clinic again if needed.

best dentist

NEETHU NAMBIAR CV Raman Nagar - Bangalore

The clinic leaves a good impression and will visit it again for sure.
All the best!!

best dentist

RAHELA Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

I was here for getting dentures and I must say that I am really impressed by the treatment. It’s been 3 months and no adjustment is required till date.

A.K. SINHA JP Nagar - Bangalore

I am happy with the treatment. Dr. Vrinda is an amazing doctor. She is really friendly.

dentist nearby

ASHISH AGARWAL Vaishali Sector - 4

Dr. Savita is great.
I am fully satisfied with the services.

best dentist

MAMTA BHARGAVA Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

Doctors and staff are really friendly.

best dentist

BHRIGUMATA PANDEY Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

Excellent services.
Dr. Apoorva and Dr. Savita are best.
Keep it up!!

best dentist

NEELIMA AGNIHOTRI Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

Dr. Sarita is extremely efficient and caring periodontist

DR. JITENDRA BHARGAVA Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

Extremely satisfied with the treatment and advice

best dentist

MEGHA JAIN Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

The doctors and staff are caring and make you comfortable.

dentist nearby

JITENDRA SHARMA Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

Best Doctors
Best Clinic
Great Advice

dentist nearby


Excellent work!!

KARAN BHARGAVA Tilak Nagar - Jaipur

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