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Clove Dental Clinic
  • Very good experience!

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    Amrit DWARKA 5

  • Good genuine feedback and check up.

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    Indra DWARKA 5

  • Doctors are very friendly and helpful . Very caring . Very dedicated . At first we were afraid but now we can surely opt for clove for any dental reference and query.

    best dentist

    Venya DWARKA 5

  • Expensive!

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    Karan ARJUN MARG

  • Very efficient and caring staff. Everything is perfect.

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    Vivekanand DWARKA 5

  • Doctors are very helpful . They are very friendly.,cooperative, polite. So everything is upto the mark.

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    Omkar DWARKA 7

  • Excellent job!

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    Rupinder ARJUN MARG

  • Thanks.For clean room concept,instead of shoecover to be put manually,I have shoe cover machine which size is just of normal brief case. Can be put at entry.

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    Manish ARJUN MARG

  • Good experience, will come soon again.

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    Jagroop ARJUN MARG

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