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Clove Dental Clinic
  • Had great experience with Dr. Shikha. My treatment was done wonderfully and was completed before time. My desire for perfect and aesthetically appealing teeth is fulfilled. Dr. Yuvraj has also been great support.

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  • One can assume how paranoid one is when they have to undergo the process of extraction. But the tooth was out before I could even realize. Dr. Ruby is best. Simply amazing!

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    PUNKAJ SAINI DLF Galleria - Gurgaon

  • I had great experience with Clove Dental. They are upto mark on clinic hygiene, ambience and doctor patient interaction. Special thanks to Dr. Karuna.

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    SAKSHEE SINGH Rajinder Nagar

  • Thanks heaven for this clinic. The staff is professional and I have a new set of teeth. Dr. Chestha and Dr. Ashutosh are amazing.

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  • Excellent doctors. I had many doubts throughout the treatment and they cleared all my doubts and apprehensions with ease. I would highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Sonal.

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    KARAN VENAK Guruharkrishan Nagar

  • Best advice, great services, best counselling and complete satisfaction with the treatment.

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    SHILPI SHARMA Guruharkrishan Nagar

  • The area like Palam was definitely in search of a clinic like Clove, for the world class dental services, for patients at an affordable price and to save the people from fraudster dentist prevailing in every nook and corner. Dr. Cheshtha, Dr. Ashutosh & Dr. Shivani and all other technical & non-technical staff do a commendable job and are transparent. Keep up the good work.
    Best of luck team Clove.

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  • One will definitely feel awesome after receiving the treatment. Special thanks to Dr. Cheshtha Saxena. She is very helpful.

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  • This is my first ever dental visit and I am highly impressed. The doctors are so friendly. Happy to visit Clove Dental. Thank You

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    SANDEEP SINGH Mohali 3B2

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