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Oral Medicine

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This specialty of dentistry – oral care – is not only concerned with the oral health care of patients but also the diagnosis and non-surgical management of conditions or disordered affecting the oral and maxillofacial region.

Oral medicine fundamentals are as follow:

  • Integration of oral and medical health care
  • Patient care, research, and teaching
  • Provision of care for patients and for those undergoing cancer treatment
  • Prevention and management of disorders
  • Treatment of oral and systemic diseases through the management of pharmacotherapeutics
  • Etiology investigation and oral disease treatment through basic science and clinical research including biopsy, cytology and tissue staining etc.
Common disorders
  • Salivary gland disease
  • Orofacial pain
  • Other neurosensory disorders
  • Pigmented, infectious diseases of the orofacial region
  • Oral mucosal membrane disorders including Benign lesions, Red & White lesions, Ulcerative, Bullous lesion and Vesicular
Clove Dental

Digital Imaging is much more than the result of x-ray interactions with electrons in sensor pixels. It’s also about changing of analog data to digital data, and also computer processing. Digital imaging is also the display of the visible image on a computer screen.

Digital imaging advantages include

  • Image analysis
  • Lower dose of radiation
  • Computer manipulation
  • Simple and easy storage
  • No film processing
  • Time reduction
  • Quick and easy image transfer
  • New image synthesizing as per image data captured from multiple projections
  • Information access of the object in three dimensions
  • Leveraging MRI, RVG, CT and CBCT as they are the best image synthesizers for maxillofacial imaging


  • It is suitable for cases to view the image requiring multiple views for analysis
  • It’s helpful in endodontic practice to measure the root apex, root canal length, and also the length and distance between obturating material
  • It is needed in periodontics to assess and measure the alveolar bone’s height
  • It can also suit to a patient not cooperative for routine radiographic techniques
  • It’s quite helpful for detecting early dental caries
  • It’s fit for evaluating the bony changes in pathology of jaws

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