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Cavity Free Child Movement

Studies have proven that every second child in India has cavities which if not prevented can lead to severe dental ailments and can even affect the overall development of the child. The Cavity-Free Child Movement is launched to prevent cavities in kids and give them a childhood free from pain and worries. A nation-wide movement launched to secure your child from any type of discomfort and to make their childhood merrier.


  • 4 Consults(once every 3 months).
  • Scaling and Polishing twice during the year.
  • Fluoride Treatment / per visit.
  • Sealant Treatment / per visit.
  • Brushing Technique Demonstration.


1 Year

Rs. 1,990/- (inclusive of all taxes)

2 Years

Rs. 3,490/- (inclusive of all taxes)

3 Years

Rs. 4,990/- (inclusive of all taxes)


  • To be paid at one go during the time of purchase
  • 1 card valid for 1 child
  • Can be paid via debit/credit cards or e-wallets


After buying it online follow the simple steps as mentioned-below:

  • Please pre-book your appointment at a Clove Clinic near you by calling us at 1800 1200 03232
  • After visiting the clinic, please provide the doctor your 7-digit unique ID received over the mail
  • In case you’ve missed the appointment please make sure to book it again else you may not be eligible for the benefits


  • This card is non-transferrable
  • Cannot be redeemed till the time the pre-existing issue is resolved
  • A preventive program, hence, does not cover prior dental issues such as decay or cavities

Enjoy Dental Privileges with Clove Dental's Bronze Membership Card

Bronze Membership

Membership Fee � Rs. 399 Only
(Taxes included)

Enjoy Dental Privileges with Clove Dental's Bronze Membership Card

  • Enjoy Dental Services ( including consultation, followed by scaling and polishing) worth Rs.1490 only for Rs.399 with Clove Dental's Bronze Membership!