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  • fluoride treatments are not just for kids

    Fluoride Treatments: Not Just For Kids

    Routine fluoride treatments assist children and teenagers up to the age of 16, but adults can benefit from that tiny additional fluoride protection as well, specifically if they have particular...

  • lunch for kids

    How To Pack A Lunch That Promotes Oral Health?

    As a parent, you always find yourself trying to balance healthy and tasty food for your kids. Obviously, you cannot stop your child from eating sweets or cakes, but you...

  • Kids Dentistry

    How Can Child’s Oral Habits Affect Permanent Teeth

    Parents should give utmost importance to a child's oral hygiene right from the time they are born. Although baby teeth get replaced with permanent teeth, they play a vital role...

  • Milk Teeth Care – Is it Important?

    Why do baby teeth matter? They fall out anyway, right?” We, as dental professionals hear this question on a daily basis
    The answer to this is simple –
    Primary teeth...